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Fort Macleod Museum is hosting a slice of history in their gala this August to celebrate Canada’s 150th

Written by  Demi Knight
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The Fort Museum is hosting an event for the ages this year on Aug. 19. The Scarlet Through The Ages event is a night to celebrate the history of Fort Macleod as well as the country’s national police force that helped to shape Canada.

Sandi Davis, executive director for the Fort Museum of the NWMP and First Nations Interpretive Centre, says this night hosts a perfect place to celebrate the country and its history.
“I feel that this is a great opportunity for guests to be able to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary with the RCMP and the tremendous contribution they’ve given to our country over time and it’s a great setting to be at the Fort Museum, because it holds such a significant part of history.”
This night of classy celebration has been organized in part by the Fort Macleod detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in partnership with the Fort Macleod Historical Association. With the evening hoping to pay homage to the rich history that the town and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have given to the country, people are invited to attend this once-in-a-lifetime gala and re-live the pivotal moments of the past.
Davis says this gala hosts a great way for Canadians to reconnect with the past. Throughout the night, attendees will be privy to special performances such as live bands and the Musical Ride.
“We will be doing the Musical Ride, which is a world-renowned Canadian tradition,” says Davis. “A lot of people in southern Alberta have heard of this, but not everyone has seen it and it gives that living experience of what history was and what it’s become today.”
The evening will also see Fort Macleod’s first sunset ceremony led by the NWMP Commemorative Association.
“It’s the first time the Fort has been able to host a ceremony like that and it will be new for me and the guests,” says Davis of the special Sunset Ceremony event. “The feedback that I’m getting is that not many people know what it is so it will be a unique opportunity for guests to participate in this long-standing tradition.”
However, it’s not just live action the guests will have the opportunity to enjoy, but also a lavish dinner of roast beef and/or buffalo stew, which is all included in the initial ticket price of $100. A cash bar will also be available at the event should guests want to indulge in some drinks during the evening.
To add to the fun, all guests are also encouraged to relish in the olden days and dress in Victorian/Edwardian clothing.
Davis adds the museum will add to the night’s historical education by allowing all guests to roam the exhibits.
“We are going to be having the museum open throughout the night so people can tour it and get an extra sense of history. Our main gallery right now is dedicated to the evolution of the North West Mounted Police to becoming the RCMP that we all know today.”
The Scarlet Through the Ages night will be held from 4 p.m. until 1 a.m.Aug. 19 at the Fort Museum of the NWMP and First Nations Interpretive Centre. Tickets are still available to purchase both at the RCMP department in Fort Macleod and at the First Nations Interpretive Centre for $100.
“So far we’re doing pretty good with selling tickets. We were a little late getting the news out, but some of our local and regional visitors have already purchased tickets, and there are still some available.”

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