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Zombageddon 2 an even more refined effort

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The poster for the Dead Prairies Productions’ highly-anticipated Zombageddon 2 features a somewhat bloodied Kaytie Chartrand (Jade, the main character and protagonist) in front of an ominous goulish zombie villain and uses the slogan: “We’re Here. We’re Dead.”

That may be true for the plotline, but definitely not so for Dead Prairie Productions — the brainchild of Devon Oman. Zombageddon was definitely an extension of their previous experiences of making movie productions.
“I think after each film we learned a few things — good or bad. I believe Dead Prairies Productions is more established now. So it was easier to find people to join the production because everyone in town knows what we do,”  explains Oman who also produced Redneck Betties: The Movie, Zombageddon and Swift Nightmares and horror shorts GOREphers and Land of Terror. “I think with each movie we film, we start to learn from our mistakes. We had more special effects and gore in this film compared to the first one because our knowledge keeps growing ... I would love to expand more on the special effects after filming Zombageddon 2.”
The growth of zombie popularity seems to be big in North America. Oman thinks zombies became a huge thing when The Walking Dead hit TV airwaves.
Oman has always been a fan of George A. Romero’s zombie films such as Dawn of the Dead or Day of the Dead so going this route seemed natural. 
The initial call was made in January this year for interest and Oman received a lot of it. There were 140 zombie extras, more than 20 actors, and seven makeup artists. The lead protagonist and lead actress is Kaytie Chartrand with the two main focal actors being Jessy Oberding and Corey Schimmel.
The main plot line of the movie is about a girl looking for her sister in the zombie apocalypse after the events of her wedding. Oman says they used locations in Gull Lake, The Shack in Swift Current, as well as Army Paintball, Andy Key’s paintball field.
The interest certainly exists and the local community cares as there is a philanthropic aspect of the company’s efforts as well as being an outlet for people who normally don’t get the opportunity to express themselves.
“I would say one good reason why Swift Current has embraced Dead Prairies would be because it’s a great alternative for people with creative minds and it’s helping out a great cause (the SPCA),” explains Oman. “It hasn’t been a huge issue finding crew or actors yet because we keep meeting new people that are curious about it in some shape or form.”
Oman and some friends including Brian Dueck, Vicky Grasdal and Reuben Parker were amongst the group who started Dead Prairies Productions. The company has already donated about $11,000 to the SPCA from tickets sales for the screening of previous films. Fifty per cent of proceeds again will go to the SPCA.
Zombageddon 2’s Oct. 6 premiere will take place at The Sky Centre in the Living Sky Casino. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show will start at 7:30 p.m.
Advance tickets can be picked up at Sudden Signs of Graphics and The Boarding House.
“We figured it could be a good thing to release it before Halloween because a lot of people are usually busy on Halloween,” says Oman.
There is a lot to look forward to for the Zombageddon 2 premiere besides checking out a locally-produced horror movie before Halloween and the chance to assist the local SPCA. They plan on having a blooper reel which is always fun, but also there will be an announcement of future plans for Dead Prairies Productions.
“At the moment Zombageddon 3 is not on the drawing board, but never say never,” Oman explains. “I have a few ideas floating around in my head for what’s next for movies or other possibilities. I will reveal what’s next at the premiere of Zombageddon 2.”
Oman is enjoying his time with Dead Prairies and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.
“The most gratifying thing about watching the movie being played is meeting wonderful people with creative minds. People have a blast making these films, and it’s helping out the animals,” says Oman. “I will continue supporting the SPCA in any way possible.”
For more on Oman’s group, see Facebook “Dead Prairies Productions” or Twitter @deadprairiesproductions.

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