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Long Days opening night is not a long ways off

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Don’t miss out on the 2016 Long Day’s Night Music Festival in the big-top tent in Swift Current June 23-26.

Plan to take advantage of the SGI-sponsored free rides home — right to your door step. 
On Thursday, June 23, it’s The Wet Secrets: A six-piece rock ’n’ roll dance band that plays the kind of music you could expect to hear if The Stranglers piggybacked Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass through the Rose Parade.
Swampy basslines, primal drumming, dancing ladies with brassy hornsticks, keys, congas and vocal harmonies galore. Formed on a dare by Lyle Bell, Trevor Anderson and Kim Rackel, the bass and horn-heavy group burst onto the scene with 2006’s A Whale of a Cow. Written and recorded within one week of the band’s formation, the album was a clarion call to anyone within earshot that The Wet Secrets had arrived.  
Free Candy marks a dramatic leap forward for the band in both songwriting and attitude, with the addition of local psych-pop wizard Paul Arnusch (Faunts/ Whitsundays), wunderkind Emma Frazier, and the saxophone-swingin’ timbale tickler Christan Maslyk.
Opening for The Wet Secrets will be We Were Lovers, known for their dancey beats, swirling atmospheric guitars, and dynamic synths, they convey a wide array of moods and themes, as strong female vocals wrap stories of love and loss around catchy melodies. Ash Lamothe and Elsa Gebremichael have mastered a pop balance infusing electro, dreamy, rock and disco elements and have an undeniable connection that radiates from the stage.
Opening night is June 23. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. with music starting at 8:30p.m. Tickets are $30.

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