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Wednesday, 20 April 2016 13:33

Girls, boys and the power through word and deed

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When I was a young girl I believed I could do anything, be anything and go anywhere.


If I wanted to be an astronaut one day, a scientist the next, a chef, a mom, a veterinarian or magician ... my parents were always there to encourage and believe in me. For that I am incredibly grateful.
Being a girl felt awesome and free. Being a girl was fun. I believed I could “choose” my own destiny and be my unique sunshiny self.
At the same time, being a girl wasn’t easy. Getting bullied by boys in your class during recess. Being told you “run like a girl,” or “throw like a girl” can begin to deflate one’s hopes and dreams.
Somewhere along the line girls were to be “cute and pretty” and boys were to be “strong and powerful.” 
In fact, just this week I heard someone refer to a woman — who owned her own land, who was taking care of her business and property, and asking for what she wanted — as a “controlling “b---h.”
My hunch is that if a strong male farmer, who was taking care of his business and property, was asking for what he wanted, he may just be referred to as a strong businessman.
Somewhere along the line, girls were told we are not enough. Not thin enough, tall enough, smart enough, strong enough, pretty enough; and that simply being ourselves wasn’t enough.
Being a boy is not easy either. Boys and men are often told being sensitive and emotional is a sign of weakness. That the only way you can stand up for yourself is through hitting, hurting or fighting back and that asking for hugs or playing with dolls is for “sissys.”
These gender differences abound and as human beings we “know better.” We have all been children.
Remember what your childhood was like. Remember when you were told you were “like a girl” or “like a boy.”
Remember when your dreams were all of a sudden crushed and put in a box just because you were a boy or a girl.
We can make different choices now, my friends.
Let’s destroy that pattern in life shall we: of limiting each other based on our gender.
Anywhere we have taken the point of view that to be “enough” means that you have to act, look or be a certain way, let’s destroy that belief and make new ones, choose new thoughts and create new actions. Together we can create a new reality. Together we can choose our own adventure where all people; men and women, boys and girls, are supported, nurtured and encouraged to be themselves and let their light shine. 
My Invitation: What can I do to make a difference in the lives of the boys and girls in our community and the planet? I can lead by example.
The KIVA Studio staff and I are very passionate about creating dynamic learning opportunities for people to gain skills, be empowered and live in greater health and wellness with ease and joy. Together KIVA and I are leading an empowerment camp this summer in Swift Current called Girl Power — Shine On!
Girl Power is the Ultimate Teen Girl Empowerment Camp.
Girl Power will support the teen girls in our communities to express themselves and explore diverse experiences, where they can be themselves, make new friends and shine.
The Girl Power participants will meet inspiring women leaders, experience dynamic workshops, engage in creative activities and empowering adventures.
We can’t wait to share this Ultimate Teen Girl Empowerment Camp with the youth of the community.
Your Invitation: You too can make a difference in the lives of the boys and girls in your community and the planet. You too can lead by example. What does this look like? Have the conversations that matter with your family and your children. Be a gentle observer to your life and see how you are nurturing and supporting the lives of the young boys and girls in your family and community. Notice your thoughts. Watch your words. Be grateful to everyone around you.
Mahatma Gandhi inspired us to do the same. He was one man who made choices everyday. His choices aligned with his beliefs and he inspired a country and a planet simply being himself and shining. 
“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” Mahatma Gandhi
Let us make new choices. Create new beliefs and inspire others by living our lives with ease, joy and glory.
In Gratitude ... Shine on ... Christine
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