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Wednesday, 16 December 2015 14:22

Tending to the vision within the longest night of the year

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The balance of dark and light and the time of light and shadow is upon us as Dec. 21 is Winter Solstice. 

This is the longest night of the year and is only a few days away. Winter Solstice is soon to be followed by Christmas Eve — the night when we await the birth of a child and celebrate the gifts of magic, newness, beginnings and love.
Rather than being busy. I invite you to be still. Rather than rushing through your “to-do” list and Christmas shopping frenzy, I invite you to go within and find your own still shadow and light.
We are in the season of change and transformation. You will miss it if you don’t slow down. You will miss the magic and wonder. You will miss the possibilities that await you if you only take the time to look and see.
There is only one “longest night of the year.” There is only one Winter Solstice. How will you spend it? How will you be present to the darkness, the stillness, the shadow and be ready to greet the light, sun and magic star?
Winter invites us to slow down, to be still, and to go within. The universe, the sun, the moon and all the planets are lined up to show us darkness and stillness; light and shadow. Even Christian and Pagan traditions need the deep dark night to see a bright light in the sky. The time of newness is almost here. After Winter Solstice (Dec. 21) the light will return and our days will get longer.
Winter Solstice invites you to be present to this very moment — to be right here and now. Solstice beckons us to follow our inner light and find our way.
How will you use this Winter Solstice to create balance between all things light and dark, both inside and outside of you?
We seek balance. Winter Solstice is the perfect balance of light and shadow, darkness and sunshine. Winter Solstice is a sacred and holy time.
My plans for Winter solstice look something like this:
1. Breathe and Be Still: Clear my calendar. Create space for nothing but this moment and this breath. Take time to slow down and listen to my heart and my body. Turn off the lights. Embrace the dark.
(This can be five minutes or 45 minutes. You have to schedule it in — the time to breathe and be still — or it won’t happen and you’ll miss the magic and possibility).
2. Reflect on My Shadow and Darkness. Where am I wounded? What am I holding? Where can light create more space in my life, my heart, my body and mind? In this time of stillness and breathe, what do I know? What do I believe? What do I perceive? What do I desire?
3. Set my intention and inviting the light. I take time to welcome and feel and experience the light and the possibility for expanding into more; more balance, more light and shadow, more awareness and acceptance and appreciation, and affection. More forgiveness. More clarity. Less guilt and blame. More love and light.
Winter Solstice is almost upon us and I am already feeling her calling and pull.
I imagine the dark night speaking to me.
I imagine feeling the pulse of the night in my heart.
“Hello Christine” (says the dark night). “It has been many moons since we sat here in stillness. It is good to see you”. “I am restless” (I say). “I know” (says the night).
I keep breathing and the stillness of night soothes my restlessness in her loving arms. I rest in the night like good medicine and my heart slows down, my body rests and my intuition lights up like the northern lights and my heart speaks. My heart sings. The night and the darkness invites my heart to sing. And now I listen. And the light will soon come and I will take this song into great action from the centre of my being.
It is so and so it is.
MY INVITATION: Winter Solstice invites you to wonder. It dares you to imagine your possibilities, to dream it, envision it and breathe it into action. At this time of light and dark and shadow and beginnings I invite you to allow Winter Solstice to help you to be still and explore and mirror nature’s silence and darkness. How can the darkest night of the year help you to go within and listen to the deep wisdom, passion and hope within your heart. Stay nestled in your soul and tend to it; like a candle to a flame.
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