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Wednesday, 22 April 2015 16:00

An Easter-spring-storytelling calling: what’s in your basket

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It's Ukrainian Easter weekend (on the Julian calendar) and Christine and I am headed with my parents to northern Saskatchewan for our Ukrainian Easter celebrations.


There will be a church service, in a small Ukrainian Orthodox church in Hafford Saskatchewan. There will be incense, icons, blessings of the cross, and singing multiple hospodeh pommeluoys (translation: God Bless). The service will be led in both English and Ukrainian (for the hybrids — like me). It is a sensory experience. My whole body is engaged with sights, sounds and tastes.
As a child I remember the Easter services. A gathering with babas, gidos, aunties, cousins, and friends that perhaps we only saw once a year. The best part for me was the blessing of the baskets. Each family would prepare an Easter basket filled with the blessings of spring: paska and babka (Easter bread), Ukrainian Easter eggs brilliantly decorated, fruit, butter, sausage and more. During the service the baskets are blessed by the priest. We gather around, we celebrate, we recognize that spring is here. God bless!
Then the wild rumpus begins. We cram ourselves into a small church basement — armpit to armpit, knee to knee — and we break bread together. Stories roll off our tongues. We celebrate the spring. We honour the land and the earth. We recognize our stories matter and we are all connected.
These sacred ceremonies are important. They help me to know my origins. Growing up in a “hybrid-family” I was able to celebrate the Ukrainian Orthodox traditions as well as Protestant traditions and customs. These moments awaken a truth within me: I love story. I love ceremony. I love creating sacred time and sacred space with sacred friends. 
We make sense of our lives in relationship. We are community and relationship people. Whether you are a church go-er or a service club member. Whether you hold a gym membership
or go for regular coffees with your girlfriends, or “wing-Wednesday” with your buddies; we all find our own church and our own way to make sense of our lives through sharing stories.
We have been a storytelling people before the written word. Before cell phones, computers, phone or radio, there was face-to-face conversation. There was “look me in the eye and tell me something” moments. I find it quite ironic that people are hungry for meaningful conversation, and yet when the opportunity arises we turn away or don’t speak our truth.
What are we afraid of? What happens if we are actually “seen”? What if our stories mattered? Perhaps if we spoke our own inner truth, then it would be real and we would be honouring ourselves, perhaps for the first time. What dangerous and delicious new territory this could be.
Spring is here. It is a time of rebirth and renewal. This is the perfect time to step more into alignment with who you truly desire to be. What if we had conversations that really mattered? No more “he said-she said” junk, or corner store gossip, but real conversation?
What would be in your Easter basket? Is your basket full of old stories, old thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you? Is there a calling deep within you that is wanting to be heard? Nothing will change unless we change “something”. So let us begin the change with
the stories we share and the conversations we have — especially the ones we have with ourselves.
My invitation: May your Easter basket be full of bravery, honesty, vulnerability and truth. May your relationships fill you up and see you for the beautiful creature that you truly are. May your mind let go of beliefs of “not enough” and embrace the possibility
of “enough for all” and “divine blessing”. May your conversations and stories be rich, and inspire you to expand into even more of your divine beauty. May you take small imperfect steps daily to get you closer to your heart centered pathway of your one amazing juicy abundant life. It is so. And so it is.
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