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Thursday, 11 September 2014 06:29

Then the leaves began to fall ... a practice for harvest blessings

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There is something exciting about September. Back to school. Back to work. Dreaming of productivity. Connecting with colleagues. Hearing stories of “what I did on my summer vacation.” Enjoying the flowering gardens and bountiful harvests.

The lazy days of summer awakened a passion of purpose and direction in me. Whoop whoop and a cha cha cha. September “rah rah” here I come.
There is something terrifying about September. School supply lists. “What do you mean Staples has run out of crayons.” What to wear for the first day of school? To do lists. School lists. Signing children up to “this and that” lists. Not fitting into those jeans — (a natural side effect of the lazy days of summer). And wait a minute, holy cow the Halloween costumes and Christmas gifts are slowly appearing in the stores. And let’s not forget …  your tan is fading.
Can you feel the rush, panic, and joy in the air? I can see it when I am grocery shopping. I can feel it when I see parents in the aisles with their children in hand.
The relaxed “go with the flow summer is here” feel, has quickly evaporated and been replaced with some bizarre thought that, “OMG, I have to be somewhere, get something, do something, go faster, be stronger, reach higher, and more, more, more.”
Wait just a minute here, folks. We have a choice as to how we begin this September and fall season. What if we chose to allow the summertime blessings to linger just a little longer? What if we chose to flow with our day rather than rush through it?
September is amazing. It is almost like a New Year’s season is upon us. So, before September gets too far away from us and we find ourselves wrapping Christmas gifts, let’s take time to stop. Let’s take time to celebrate the summer and be grateful for all she gave us. It is too early to mourn the falling of the leaves.
It is perfect timing, however to set intention for the fall harvest and bounty that is upon us.
This involves a process of slowing down, being grateful for where you’ve been, and creating fierce focus for where you want to go.
A five-minute practice to manifest harvest blessings and fall abundance
How to set intention for fall harvest and bounty that is upon us.
1. Be still. Make time for stillness and schedule it in. If you think you will slow down, it won’t happen. Until you make slowing down a priority, you will continue to run the race of life and then wonder where your life went. (If you need help in slowing down and being still, check out my free resources online on my website
2. Breathe. That’s right folks. Your breath is medicine. Not only does it carry oxygen to your body and nourish your life, but it brings stimulation to your brain. By focusing on your breath, you stop worrying about your “to-do” lists and “tasks.” You come into your body and get grounded in what matters — you.
3. Be grateful. Reflect on your life. Centre on your heart. Listen to the deep wisdom that resides within you. Write down all you are grateful for. Even if it sounds crazy — from bubble gum, to spanx, to air, to your dog or pet snake, or the stranger on the street — write it down.
4. Write it down and raise your voice. Share what you are grateful for. At least write it down. All of your gratitudes are true blessings and they need to be recognized. Share your gratitudes — at least on paper — or with a sacred soul friend (one who will listen and not interrupt or judge). Your gratitudes are like lessons and blessings that help you move forward into unknown territory.
So where do you want to go from here?
5. Connecting with your desires
Choose one to three things you desire to manifest at this time in your life. These are not things, these are feelings. Don’t doubt or judge the inner wisdom and answers that emerge for you.
Upon doing this process myself I confess my current fall desires. I desire to manifest easy love and intimacy. I desire to manifest loving kindness for myself and the planet. I desire an open heart, rooted in flexibility and flow. There is great power in speaking your truth and letting your confidence shine. Now it’s your turn.
My invitation: Engage in this fall blessing and abundance practice. Write down your gratitudes and your desires. Then create one simple action step you will take to move your desires forward this fall season. My simple action step is to meditate more and invite stillness even more into my life.
Welcome to fall my friends. Enjoy the bounty that is right here waiting for you — if you only choose to make time to look, see and breathe.
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