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Wednesday, 27 August 2014 11:33

When I was a girl … freedom was my middle name

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The Elementary Years:: When I was a girl I would walk across Oman Hill to Oman School; noticing every prairie cactus, sage, sweet grass and wild flower.

When I was a girl I would fly kites on the open bald prairie across from my house and watch the giant dragon’s tail flicker and dance in the wind.
When I was a girl I would play “kick the can” with all the neighbour children as we ran up and down the back alleys with delight trying not to get caught.
I moved with words like freedom, hopscotch, and tiger lily.
I dreamed of pink, leprechauns, friendly dragons, and the tooth fairy.
The In-Betweens (Grade 5 and beyond)
The girl in me shifted to the in-between times.
I was no longer small.
I was not yet big.
I was strong yet still slept with my little yellow teddy bear and decorated my bedspread with a lot of stuffies and cuddly things.
Boys would tease me. Clint. Craig. Jason.
Boys would bug me. Clint. Craig. Jason.
Name-calling began. Teasing began.
“Chris and Clint sitting in a tree … k-i-s-s-i-n-g…”
Flirtatious rhymes began.
I moved with words like I don’t know, gross, and giggles.
I dreamed of teen-beat, Andy Gibb, UFO’s, far-away-lands and “I Dream of Genie”.
Beyond The In-Betweens
I was tall. I was growing. Puberty arrived. Time was spent worrying. What to wear? Who likes whom? Crushes? Passing! Failing! Finals! Midterms! He-said. She said. Being too fat? Too thin? Just right? Not right at all? What to be when I grown up? And that was all on a Monday. LOL.
The girl and the woman in me
For five days in August, I had the privilege of co-leading the first FREE2BGIRLZ Empowerment Program for teen girls. The Free2BGirlz Program is a new initiative of Southwest Crisis Services. Every day I had the honour of creating, dreaming, connecting, and being with incredible teen girls in our community. Twenty teen girls (11-15 years of age) joined us at O.M. Irwin school, as we explored the diverse and deep lives of being girls and young women.
These young women rocked my songs and blew my mind.
Each day we would sit in a circle and the girls would share their thoughts, feelings and deep wisdom. I was moved to tears on many occasions. I did not have such a circle to gather in when I was a girl. I was honoured to sit in the circle with them and to share stories; one soul sister to another and to deepen the freedom and power of being a girl, a young teen and young woman — with the hope of creating and supporting dynamic women in the future who continue to shine their light.
I offer you some of their wisdom. May it inspire you to connect with the beautiful woman in you — or with a beautiful woman you know (whether adult, teen or young girl). We are all more beautiful than we know.
FREE2BGIRLZ Voices of Wisdom
“I am different. I am more beautiful than I think I am. People think they know me from what they see on the outside, but I am so much more than that. We are more similar than different if we only take the time to see and talk with each other. Media, Magazines and Videos aren’t real. Beauty is real on the inside out. I am both yin and yang, light and dark, I am weird and I am normal. I am strong and I am scared. I feel so much. I have to remember that I am beautiful no matter what other people think, feel or say about me. I have to shine. I am funny. I am awesome. I am a good friend. I am learning new things. I am trying to be myself in a sea of people that think I am someone else. I am amazing. I am brave. I am a girl.“
My invitation: Know that you are more beautiful than you think your are. Inspire others to see their beauty. Let your beauty shine. Be brace. Be free 2B a girl no matter what your age).
The Free2BGirlz Program through Southwest Crisis Services will continue as a weekly program in the fall. F2BG will run Tuesdays after school (3:30-5:30 p.m). More information and to register contact Southwest Crisis Services — Children and Youth Outreach Program (childsupport@ F2BG will be at City Wide Registration in September.
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