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Wednesday, 02 April 2014 13:25

Learn more about the art and heart of circles

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Throughout my life I have found myself facilitating circles.

Drum Circles. Women Circles. Meditation Circles. Book Club Circles. Drama Group Circles. Staff Time Circles. Brainstorming Circles. Sharing Circles and more. I love circles. They are round. Comfortable. Everything can fit inside. There is room for all. No one is excluded. All have space. All are seen. All can choose how to join the circle — whether in silence or sharing.
There is no expectation to perform or share or do anything. Simply being in circles with others feels good. We come as individuals and soon we feel like a collective and find our common story. We see ourselves in the face of the other. We witness our lives in community. Women do this naturally and have been part of sacred circles for centuries. Circles are good medicine. Circles are “meaning making experiences” and enrich our lives and our relationships.
Circles have existed before the beginning of recorded history. We find them in nature when we look up at the sun and the moon. Prehistoric people were building stone circles more than 4,000 years ago, like the famous Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England.
Ancient Greek culture was fascinated with the geometry of circles and have explored their properties for centuries. Circles symbolize harmony and unity and can be found everywhere from crop circles to peace symbols, from the Olympic rings to wedding rings.
The CIRCLE on the Floor, Kindergarten Room, Oman School
As a child, the most powerful circle I experienced was in kindergarten. It was a big circle/clock on the floor in my kindergarten classroom. I would notice it out of the corner of my eye every morning I came into the room. Wondering: “who would get to sit on the 12?”, “what if I am Number 6?”, “who is going to get there first?” We would run so eagerly to this circle on the floor, park our butts on a number, and gather in delight. “Something is about to happen.” 
We would sing songs, play games, learn lessons, listen and share. This was our gathering place. It was rooted in our DNA to be together, to be a collective, to be in circle. It felt good.
I always wanted more circle and clock time on the floor. Kindergarten was the only classroom with a clock on the floor. Everything after that was straight lines and rows. The circle disappeared. (A giant sigh, disappointment, longing.)
Searching For Circle & Being in circle together
I believe that humanity is hungry for circle. We are searching for community. Not just another service club, or membership sign up, or “like-me” or “tweet” request, but for meaningful sacred circles where we can be our authentic selves and share our inner dreams and desires and our greatest fears. Together we can be transformed.
Even if you grew up with straight lines or “follow the leader,” now is your time to “come to the circle.” Perhaps you are in circle with others without even knowing it. Here are some qualities of circles. See how they feel for you, and how they may emerge, and be nourished in your life.
Circle Qualities to Abundant Joy-Filled Living
1. There is no audience. Everyone is part of the experience.
2. There is no right or wrong. Circles are safe and a place to explore possibilities and options.
3. There is no teacher. There is no expert. All are wise and have something of value to share.
4. All are welcome. Circles are inclusive.
5. Spontaneity thrives. There is no plan except the value of supporting each other and connecting with community.
6. Authenticity and acceptance are key. In a circle you can be yourself and are accepted just as you are; whether you are extroverted, introverted, seeking, tending, searching, learning. Come as you are and be yourself.
My Invitation to Wonder: take a look at the qualities above and see how they emerge and show up in your relationships. Perhaps you are already hitting the mark and your relationships are “circle-like.” If not, then make an intentional step to “do something about it.”
For example: Reflect on these qualities through the eyes of your relationships with family, girlfriends, colleagues, sisters, brothers, grandparents, “soul sisters,” social clubs, etc. See where the edges lie and the opportunities begin. See which circle qualities and relationships matter to you and then take action to nurture them.
And if you are stuck, just remember the classic children’s song: “The more we get together the happier we’ll be.” Be Alive and Shine my friends.
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