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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 14:07

How a dog, Sesame Street and a snowblower can change the world

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Your choice point moments abound!

It is morning. 8:00 ish. I head out the door with my dog Bulan. Dog and leash in one hand, coffee to-go in the other, and we’re off. A few blocks later a clump of teens wait for their school bus. They stand like tall still shadows in the dark dawning morning. We arrive. They are still. Saying little. Waiting in silence. Bulan greets everyone with a sniff and a tail wag. Soon the clump of teen shadows awaken and stories erupt. Stories of dogs — my dog, their dogs and the tricks they can do. Smiles and giggles emerge. Choice Point No. 1.
Our visit ends. The bus is coming down the hill.
“Have a super duper fantastic ridiculous day,” I say. “You too,” they say.
“Thanks for playing with Bulan,” I say. “You’re welcome. Bye Bulan,” they say.
We continue on our walk and head downtown. Businesses are awakening. I have a flashback to Sesame Street, Bob McGrath and the gang singing The People in Your Neighbourhood.
 I watch my neighbourhood rise to the day. We pass by a local optometrist office and through the large storefront window the staff and I greet each other. A head nod. A hand wave. I notice that they too are drinking coffee. I gesture a “cheers” with my coffee cup in hand. They do the same.
Choice point No. 2. Do I continue on my walk, or do I go in and say hi? Do I follow my task at hand or be in flow with what the universe is offering me? I choose to go in (with Bulan at my side).
“Good morning ladies,” I say. “Good morning Christine,” they say.
We “cheers” again and “toast” ourselves to this beautiful day. We are all smiles. Even Bulan has his tongue out smiling.
Choice Point No. 3 walks in as Bulan and I are leaving. It is my neighbor from two doors down.
I have been wanting to thank him for his generous act of kindness that I witnessed. You see, over the Christmas holidays there was a downfall of snow and the streets and sidewalks were filled right up. I left my house one morning to see him snow-blowing — the entire sidewalk. I was so grateful. My heart was singing. I saw his gesture of kindness as good medicine for the world. There was no expectation for him to snow-blow our entire street. One whole block — super snow cleared. Amazing
I send him my kindness and gratitude.
“It was only snow. I was just walking,” he says. He is humble and yet I know the effort and energy involved. I know the difference it made in my life that day.
There is a classic camp song It Only Takes a Spark To Get a Fire Going. And how true that is. An unexpected act of kindness. A random gesture of appreciation. A word. A touch. A smile. One spark. One “choice point” can make all the difference.
It is time to be in conscious relationship to the life you are living. To be aware of the “choice points” in your day — those small still spaces between the rush and hum, between the light and the dark, between the action and the stillness.
Embrace your day. Move with your eyes and heart wide open to what is presented to you.
Choice points abound. You are never stuck. And within these choice point moments transformation lies and possibilities reside.
Let go of agenda, go with the flow, and be present to your life. Sure, have purpose in your day, and invite possibility too. Then all the light will rush into your day and your choice points will become places of joy and love, and together we will build a neat street. Whether it is one block or the whole world wide.

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