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Life simplified over a cup of coffee at the kitchen table

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You are in my kitchen and we are drinking a cup of strong dark coffee. I have prepared your favorite beverage for you. Sit down. Relax. Stay a while. Let’s connect.

You start sharing about your family, your kids, your dog, and your day. How proud you are of them, the different things they are choosing and how far you have come as a family since the cancer/breakup/big fight/ move/ accident/ road trip. (Choose your own drama/ story here and add it in).
There’s a pause. Time to reset the conversation.
I start sharing about my creations and things that I’m choosing that are different. How excited I am about the future, about tomorrow, about right now, and how much fun it is to create my life – even if I don’t know how I am going to get there or what it will look like. This choosing, creating and celebrating life is soooo much fun.
There’s a pause. Time to reset the conversation.
And then it begins. You start to tell me about the story beneath the story beneath the story. You unveil yourself like an onion; thin layer after thin layer – these microscopic fibers of vulnerability, joy and possibility. You too are a creator. You too are a mover. You too are a connector. You’ve stopped creating and desire more. You’ve put yourself on hold.
I pour you another cup of coffee. The story continues.
You have lost YOU along the way of being what everyone else wanted. You have lost YOU along the way of buying into everyone else’s beliefs of what was possible. You don’t know how or what to choose to create new and be more. This potent onion of possibility weeps at my kitchen table wondering what to choose, how to be you, how to be brilliant and to be loved.
There’s a pause. No reset needed. Simply breath. Simply be.
Then a question. Always a question. A question invites. A question creates. A question is the door to wonder, possibility and choice.
What can you be or do different that would create more here?
I could be myself. I could choose me. I could say no. I could say yes. I could stop. I could start. I could trust myself. I could speak up. I could be me.
What if you no longer made people’s judgments significant? What could you choose then?
I wouldn’t be worrying so much. I wouldn’t be stressed. I would be myself. I would be ok. It would be simpler.
What if you had your own back? Who would you be? What could you choose?
I could choose anything. I would be awesome.
There’s a pause. No reset needed. Simply breath. Simply be.
Then the dreams come and the joy is unleashed.
We laugh, giggle, smile, and brainstorm possibilities – without even trying. They pour out of us like a giant crystal clear waterfall from this deep place of knowing and ease.
I am reminded of being a very young girl when everything was possible and I was powerful and infinite and a creator of the world. That is still true you know. Yet it is often all of these layers.... these microscopic layers of onion skin upon skin, that veils our beauty, potency and capacity.
It is time to shed the skin of others that you are wearing. It is time to be the beautiful potent knowing creature that you truly be. Vulnerability is one of your greatest potencies. Sharing you and all you be, and being visible can create so much joy for you and for the world. Do not hide beneath those layers my lovely one. Burst forth and unveil your beauty, your knowing, your great gift for there is only one of you. The 6 year old... 4 year old... 2 year old... the in utero... the in vitro-old... the just about to be born into this world beauty knows this to be true.
Is it time?
Our now empty coffee mugs are in the sink. My dog and I send you off at the door. Your eyes sparkle and a mischievous creative smile sneaks out from your lips on your way out the door.
I wonder what you will choose today?  I wonder what you will be today? I wonder what else is possible that you never imagined was possible that is now ready to be unleashed, unveiled, and undone?
Joy is just a layer away. Joy is just there, under the onion layer. Joy can show up as discomfort at first. Experiencing joy is choosing vulnerability and creating choices with barriers down and compassion and connection at your centre. And if there is a cup of delicious hot dark coffee in your hand all the while; even better.
The Invitation: If you are curious and seeking to be and receive more of you and unleash your own awesomeness... If my writings have inspired you to wonder what else is possible for you and what else you could choose to create more for you and your life, please contact me. I offer private sessions for people desiring to create more and be more. And perhaps now is the time for you to also shine, create and be you.
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