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Flying to find more joy in South Carolina

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I am on a plane 39,000 feet up in the sky and travelling more than 500 miles per hour.

It is a bit of a phenomenon, this act of flying.
Sitting still in a plane in the middle of three seats in Row 17. One big family road trip with all 200 of us headed to Toronto and then on other great adventures from there. The clouds are my neighbours and the blue bright sky holds this big transportation creature in the palm of her hands.
I was in the drama club when I was in Grade 10.
Our drama teacher chose a one-act play called Wings and I auditioned. I was cast as one of the baby birds who lived in a nest with their mother and father. I remember a scene where all of us little baby birds were being pushed out of the nest by our mama bird. One at a time we jumped out of the nest and flew ... or at least we hoped we did. I think we all made it.
I remember resisting the push of my mama bird. Pressing my back bird-like body into hers. I was afraid of what was “beyond the nest.” I couldn’t see that far. No matter how far out I looked, I couldn’t see far enough to know what was out there ... what was just up ahead ... or just above ... or down below.
I was in my mid twenties and volunteering for Canadian Crossroads International in Suriname, South America. I wanted to travel to the “interior” of the country and “get out the map” and see what I could find. I wanted to jump out of the nest of what I knew and the familiar. I wanted to enter into the unknown and spread my wings.
I remember my host family and other locals telling me “not to go” and sharing their points of view of what could happen if I “get out the map” and “step off the beaten trail.”
I remember the resistance of my host mother telling me “not to go” and that this was a bad idea and that the people who live in the interior of the country are X, Y and Z.
(Add your own judgments and limited points of view here).
She had never been to the interior. Neither did the other “nay-sayers.” She lived in her nest. She was comfortable there.
I could have listened to that resistance. I could have taken their points of view as true. I could have made a choice that would have made them happy, but I didn’t. I chose to jump. I chose to spread my wings. I chose to fly.
The pilot has informed us we are descending into Toronto. We have an anticipated early arrival. People are starting to shuffle in their seats, put away their headsets, and get their shoes back on. We are all ready to jump out of the nest and venture forth into the great destinations beyond. Some may choose to go home into the comfort of what is familiar.
Others may choose the spontaneous adventure of “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”
And the rare few, the different, the strange ducks in the nest may put on their parachutes, close their eyes, take a breath and take a leap — jumping and breathing into the possibilities of their amazing incredible life.
I am venturing for the latter myself. I choose to embrace the unknown and let go of certainty. I am ready to be as out of control and out of definition as I can be. That means trusting my gut and the deep knowing within me. I can do this. I can leap into the unknown and create the future that is within me right now.
Here I go. Charleston, South Carolina here I come. Let the adventures and possibilities abound and be even more amazing than I could ever imagine.
Bye bye safety nest. Hello happiness and infinite joy and laughter.
Invitation: I invite you to trust that you have your own back ... no matter how high you choose to fly or how far you choose to travel or how much you choose to create. I wonder what you can be or do differently that will create more for you — perhaps it involves taking a breath, jumping out of the nest and soaring into the greatness of you.
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