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Wednesday, 07 December 2016 14:50

How to be an inspiring leader in your own life

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Two months ago, I was invited to participate in a Mastermind Business Weekend Retreat for women leaders in business.

When I was invited to connect with these dynamic business leaders, I was thrilled and the ‘yes’ rolled off my lips.
For the past four days, I have been talking about my business dreams and creating incredible opportunities and possibilities with these other business leaders and entrepreneurs. Each one of us are incredibly unique and we have our own gifts and capacities as business women. Our diversity added incredible possibilities for each one of us over the weekend and along our business and life journeys.
We listened to each other. We were vulnerable. We shared our dreams, our successes, and our fears and challenges in business and in life. We held sacred space for our businesses and our goals and dreams.  We listened authentically and we showed up, just as ourselves and together we changed each other’s lives.
The entire business mastermind weekend culminated in a Confidence Building Girl Power Event at an all-girls school in Detroit. We headed to the Detroit International Academy (DIA) — the only all-girls minority school in Detroit Michigan.
Our mission was to inspire these young women to believe in themselves and to make choices that empower them — even in the face of adversity, racism, judgment and self-doubt.
It was here at the Detroit International Academy where even more magic showed up and profound shifts, transformation and inspiration was created for all, students, facilitators and teachers included.
How to choose with ease and follow your joy
I met a young 16-year-old girl who came up to me in tears following my presentation. She was having to make a choice whether she lives with her dad or with her adult sister.
Family conflict and financial tension made it difficult for her to stay with her dad. She was aware she made better choices when she was living with her sister. Yet, she didn’t want to disappoint her father and wondered if she chose to live with her sister, that she would lose her dad forever.
I held space. I listened. We both talked about choice and how to make choices that we know feel good for us, that feel easy, even when we are scared of what other people think or what the consequences may be.
We talked about how fear can keep us stuck in choosing or being more.
We can so easily get caught in our heads about how to move our life forward and how to choose with ease. Every choice seems like a mountain and yet all we have to do is make one choice and then another and then another. We don’t have to climb up the whole mountain in one big step. It is the small consistent steps in the direction of our dreams that creates the greatest impact in our lives. (Tweetable).
The more we get up, dust ourselves off, never give in, and never quit, the more our soul and our inner essence is aware that “we’ve got our own backs” and are committed to our lives. We create our lives by the choices we make.
As she spoke, I too was reminded of conversations that I shared with the business mastermind group earlier that very weekend. I can easily get overwhelmed when I don’t have a plan of how to take my business to the next level. I have the dream, I have the vision, I can see what it looks like and then I can get stuck. When there are so many balls that I am juggling, I can easily choose overwhelm and then take no action on my dreams and watch all the balls just float and drop to the ground.
But then it becomes clear to me that some of the things I was choosing in my business were consuming too much of my time and not tapping into my greatest gifts. Some of my choices were exhausting me and not expanding my life or my business. Now I could keep doing the same thing and get the same results or I could make a new choice with greater awareness.
Sure this young woman could choose to live with her dad and choose to live in a home of chaos, tension and loneliness, or she could nurture her gifts and stay with her sister where she feels more at ease and is more able to be herself.
What choices are you making? What balls are you juggling in your life? Are they expanding your life and creating more ease, joy, positively and potential?
Or are they creating more stress, tension and worry?
Whether in business or life, we are making decisions every single day and minute of our lives. What could we create in our lives if we made choices based on what would create more ease and joy and possibility in our lives rather than making decisions that would make others happy?
My new friend from the DIA school in Detroit and I hugged after our visit. I imagine the both of us continuing along our daily journey of making choices. And I hope that our time together created more possibilities for both of our lives.
The journey and choices continue. Let us choose with ease and joy.
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