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Wednesday, 20 July 2016 10:24

Ultimate teen girl empowerment camp in Swift Current

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I have worn many hats in my lifetime thus far, from zumba instructor, to counselor and dramatherapist, to United Church of Canada minister, and health and wellness leader to name a few and there are some common themes I see in the people that I meet.

We desire happiness, peace, ease and joy in our lives. We desire relationships that nurture us and inspire us to be an even greater expression of ourselves. We desire safety and trust and deep communication that holds us with compassion.
And yet we are wounded. We hold the junk from our past. We remember the hurt and disappointment. We have judged ourselves and others. We have compared ourselves to others. We have silenced our truths and agreed with others for fear of rejection and not being liked or left alone. We’ve stopped asking for what we want and desire. We have followed others rather than our own heart centre and truth.
Much of that junk occurred before we were teenagers and then continued throughout our teens and beyond.
I remember being a girl at Oman School in Swift Current. I remember having friends and birthday parties and sleepovers; and for the most part it was a lot of fun. I also remember the meanness of others in our classroom. I remember having friends one day and then not the next day. I remember the name calling and the whispering behind their backs. I remember wondering why they didn’t like me. I remember taking things personally and feeling sad. This only happened a handful of times. Happening once was one too many. It stung. It stuck. It hurt.
Jump forward to junior high and high-school and I remember the “cool kids” and worrying if I would fit in; if I would be liked. I remember wondering about which clothes to wear that would make me look good, skinny, and not feel fat. I was only 13.
I grew up in a family full of love and support and understanding. I was lucky. Even still I worried about fitting in and how to be myself in a sea of doubt and confusion.
I am now clear. I am now confident and bold and brave and fierce. I try to stand in my power and my gifts and my potential each and every day. Sure there are times when I fall back into doubt and fear and judgment, but I have nurtured the tools within me to choose what feels good for me and what makes me shine.
I am ready to share these tool, skills and passions for life and living to the Teen Girls in our community. I have created a five-day empowerment camp called Girl Power. I imagine the dynamic potential and possibilities for the young girls in our community, if they were nurtured, supported and inspired to shine and reach into the confidence deep within to be themselves.
Girl Power will run Aug. 15-19 in Swift Current. Girl Poweris the Ultimate Teen Girl Empowerment Camp I created along with The KIVA Studio team of wellness leaders. Girl Power is an environment where girls can be themselves, just as they are — with all their beauty and confusion — and be received. What if you could send your daughter to a camp this summer that would not only help her build friendships and learn new skills, but awaken the deep power, great potential and confidence that is within her heart and soul. That is the power and deep purpose of Girl Power.
Space is limited. Those who attend will get a hand-tailored, joy-filled, personally-rewarding week at Girl Power.
Meet dynamic health and wellness leaders and other women from southwest Saskatchewan who are shining and celebrating their zest for life.
There will be time for fun and games, drama, movement, mindfulness and meditation. There will be time for laughter and play and creative expression. There will be time for deep listening, sacred sharing and meaningful moments. Girl Power will build a toolbox of awesomeness and leave participants feeling inspired, confident, connected, supported and clear on what makes them shine.
This is where I need help. Share this article with any parent or family member or teenage girl in your community. Together we can make a difference in the lives of teen girls and the family members that love them.
For more details visit http://welcometo or call: 306-774-6478.

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