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Thursday, 09 June 2016 10:33

How to have the best garage sale...ever

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This past weekend I held a garage sale at my home. I imagined selling items. I visualized myself greeting people and making them feel at home. I hoped to “space clear” items that I no longer used, and happily share them with others.

What I didn’t imagine was “what else was possible” at a garage sale. You’ll never guess what showed up!

A WONDERING: What if you could receive more at a garage sale than you ever thought possible?

I received more than I could have imagined on Saturday. Yes, people purchased items. Yes, people negotiated and made “counter-offers”. People of all ages and stages came into my backyard. Some did the quick walk-through. Others would visit and take their time, enjoying the day and the sun.

“Welcome to the funky blue house!” I would shout out and greet them as they crossed the threshold into the backyard.

Green Space Gratitude
The greatest magic for me was not in the sales, or the amount of things we “cleared” out. The magic for me took place in the spaces in between.

I like to spend time on my deck. When the sun Is waking or in full stream, I will often sit on my deck, write blog posts, take business calls, and meditate on my business and my life. Every year I add a few more plants here and there.

The yard didn’t look like this when I bought my house. In the beginning, there was no fence, no lawn, no landscaping. It was a blank canvas of brown dirt. Now I sit on my deck and look all the way around and see green, white, pink and yellow garden delights. Ferns, hydrangeas, begonias, peonies, lilies, willows and much more. There are stepping-stones, stain glass artwork, and even a  mural of the rising sun is painted on the south wall of my fence. The backyard is a magical place for me.

Yes I sold items and told stories of where these special things were from. However, I loved sharing my backyard and sacred space the best. It was a beautiful unexpected treat.

My backyard became the sacred container for people. SHE (the yard) would greet people and make them feel at home. The moment people entered the yard, I could hear them take a pause and look at the beautiful greenery all around. People would ask about certain plants, and want to know the stories behind the garden and all the greenery. Almost everyone who entered my backyard, left with a compliment to the backyard and grateful for their visit. Regardless if they purchased anything or not, they were grateful.

And on behalf of my backyard and all her greenery, I thank you. We are both extremely grateful for your kindness.

Through your kindness and gratitude of the backyard, I was able to see her beauty even more.

It was as if SHE/the yard was seen and shared her beauty for everyone to enjoy.

I was so grateful for every compliment, for every question, for every story about plants, gardening, green thumbs, weeds, and wonder.

The garden even offered herself to one visitor who wanted to buy one of the “spreaders” in the garden. The garden easily said “Yes” and a little garden plant is now in a new home, and new backyard of her own.


Selling items at the garage sale was truly secondary. The great gift was the ability to give and receive compliments and gratitude to each other. All day long the Backyard received compliments – and I appreciated them on her behalf. All day long I sent my love and gratitude right back to all the visitors. It was a beautiful day of giving and receiving kindness. It was my best garage sale day so far.

The Invitation: I wonder what you can add to your life today that will create more magic right away? Perhaps it will show up in the most unexpected places, like a backyard garage sale – or on a motorbike ride – or welcoming a compliment from a stranger.

What would happen if we received it all and judged nothing.
If I stayed focused on the mission of “selling stuff”, I would have missed the magic. I would have missed the curiosity in people’s faces as they looked at the plants. I would have been focused on agenda and outcome.

Magic shows up when we get out of our own way. Let us welcome it all and step into the infinite possibilities of our day.

For the magic of the backyard – I thank you.
For the compliments on the greenery – I thank you.
For the passers-by – shoppers or not – I thank you.
For the beautiful backyard garden – I thank you.

It was an honor to welcome and receive you all.
Come as you are. Come again.
Shine ON

Christine Ciona
The Joy Guru

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