Ryan Dahlman

Ryan Dahlman

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Thursday, 27 July 2017 05:58

Empress Summer ’Spiel a great draw

Technically, Burstall's Jim McDowell foursome including Cayle Bishop, Jerry Shock and Daryl Heeg were the winners of the Empress Daze Cash Summerspiel.

Having the chance to spend Canada Day on Parliament Hill for any patriotic Canadian would be an opportunity of a lifetime — something that Swift Current Grade 11 student Sara Cronan just did.

It’s not often a Crown Corporation takes legal action against private-service industry businesses, but that is what has happened as Saskatchewan Government Insurance is suing two Saskatoon bars.

The amiable Laura Hayes has always been a storyteller of sorts. The name is recognizable for many reasons. People in Alberta will remember her long career with the CTV television station affiliate CFCN in Calgary as a well-respected news reporter and producer. Now, Hayes is a roots artist who has a few CDs under her belt. Her debut CD, Storyteller was released three years ago and she is currently working on a new one.

Empress has always been impressive place for tourism, as many cottage and art-related industries established themselves starting in the early 2000s.
It has overcome a lot of challenges with the loss of its school and health-care centre as well.

Anyone who has been at a polka dance will tell you how much fun it is. Just ask the many people from western Canada who have spent many years travelling to Medicine Hat and now Redcliff for the Medicine Hat Polka Fest.

When the Alberta NDP ‘crushed’ the right-dominant Alberta political landscape May 2015, many expected it be a one-hit wonder. It was a hard lesson for the Progressive Conservatives who got fat and sassy living off the laurels of Peter Lougheed and Ralph Klein.

Sometimes everyone needs a refresher and driving is no exception.

Some of the more flamboyant and high-profile elected politicians sometimes just don’t get it.

Swift Current residents have been known to be altruistic and generous with their time.

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