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Wednesday, 14 October 2015 15:03

Couple hope to make it on Amazing Race Canada

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A former resident of Richmound, Sask., now living in Medicine Hat and her husband are inching closer to a final audition to be a contestant on Amazing Race Canada.

Jenna Williams and her husband Tanner Williams tried to be contestants on the show last year.
They made it through the first wave of cuts last year, but this year they feel better about their chances.
“After moving on to the next stage last year, we at first thought that everyone moved onto the next stage. When we realized that not everybody moves on, we were ecstatic,” explains Jenna. “This year, we didn’t even contemplate applying. As soon as the casting call was out, we were off making our video. Because we didn’t have very much confidence when we applied last year, and we still moved on a little bit, we again, had a lot more confidence in our application this year.
“This year, we watched our video that we made last year and thought it was awful, but last year we did move on to the next stage. So after re-watching the video it gave us new confidence that we could create a better video this year that would further describe our relationship and touch on our strong communication skills ... We watched the U.S. version of the Amazing Race a couple years ago, but never really got into the show until the Canadian version came out. When we were watching this season’s race, we were always saying ‘oh Jenna would have done that’, or ‘Tanner would have done that one’, or ‘we would have struggled during that’, or ‘we would have rocked that’.”
Williams explains as soon as the season finalé airs, the casting call is open in September. The casting call closes at the end of November, and from there the show contacts the people who are advancing. They applied at the beginning of October and hope to hear something back at the beginning of December.
Both are huge fans of the show. To them, The Amazing Race Canada is a great reality show because most of the racers are normal people whom viewers can relate to and admire.
There is a lot involved other than physical challenges. Stressful situations, emotions and how relationships are put through tough situations make for compelling viewing in their opinions.
Trying out for Amazing Race was not taken lightly as they talked about trying out for the show since the first season aired.
“The entire time we watched the first season, we kept saying ‘we could do that’, ‘oh, I would definitely do that’, ‘oh you would struggle at that’. It was a constant dialogue during the episodes,” explains Williams.
“When the casting call happened for season two, we talked about applying, but figured we wouldn’t have a chance since how many people would most likely apply. After watching season two, we were even more captured by the show. So when the casting call came out for season three, we decided to take the leap and apply.”
The application process is relatively simple. An online application is completed by answering some key questions about the teammates’ relationship and submitting a three-minute video.
“I think the casting team is really just looking for a dynamic, energetic, down-to-earth, entertaining team that would capture an audience,” adds Williams. “They aren’t looking for any sort of ‘get-ups’, they are looking for real personalities.”
Williams says reactions from people is generally positive. They have a humorous side and aren’t afraid to try new things. They love to travel as they have gone to the Canadian east coast and Europe just earlier this summer.
Williams says they consider themselves an ordinary, fun couple which she thinks would work to their advantage.
“Again, we think we are pretty average, so if we did get on the show, Canadians would be able to relate to us best,” she adds. “I’m very organized and structured, but very easy going; whereas Tanner is very laid back, but very strategic at the same time. We are adrenaline junkies and always looking to do things, whether it is snowboarding, kayaking, bungee jumping, bobsledding at Canada Olympic Park, dirtbiking, mountain biking, or even house renovations.
“I think our family and friends see that we are adventurous and have the drive and motivation to do well, but we also ‘go with the flow’ in the majority of situations. So hearing positive comments from our family and friends, really boosted our confidence and helped us when filling out our application and doing our video.”

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