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Sundrops hoping to add Canadian content to America’ Got Talent

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The Sundrops may have a chance to shine south on a massive scale of the border.

The ridiculously talented and equally hard-working sibling quartet of Hailey, 13, Darian, 12, Lara, 10 and Jesse, 9 will be trying to make it onto to the America's Got Talent television show which features judges Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Howard Stern, and Melanie Brown aka Mel B from the Spice Girls and host Nick Cannon.
Family members have been fans of the show for a long time and thought about going into it for a while. After some investigation, they decided to go for it.
"We've been thinking about entering AGT for about a year and a half but at that time we thought we couldn't enter as Canadians," said mom Ava Folks, who along with husband Daryl have been managing the group for the past few years. "Upon further research and with proper paperwork this seems like a real possibility. As talent shows go, this one gives us the best platform to showcase what The Sundrops do. The Sundrops being so young perform using many different instruments while singing, are not restricted to just singing as so many talent shows typically do. It gives you freedom to perform without limitations and restrictions as In our case.  
"Also we believe they don't try to control or change your act. They hopefully give you healthy, constructive criticism...We've always liked the show because it's open for a variety of acts and any age group, and it's very entertaining. People can showcase whatever talent they have. We believe this will open doors to perform in places where we've only dreamt of going."
Ava adds the energy of being in an environment like America's Got Talent will positively effect the Sundrops music career and also give the "family a memorable experience for life."
The Sundrops' try out for AGT on December 5, at Salt Lake City at 4 p.m. They don't have any further information at this time, but will keep fans updated.
She says they have become more comfortable on stage and it seems the larger the audience the more interactive they have become.
While the children are obviously very gifted and have an obvious propensity for music and songwriting, Ava Notes they all work very hard.
"They improved in singing ability and instruments, due to there high level of commitment to music," says Folks. "They continue to write new songs regularly and continue to rearrange their songs to make them new."
Despite the commitment to the band and they're ever-growing success and expansion of their talent, they're education and allow them to grow as much as possible is still foremost.
The management is still the same along with bookings, training and homeschooling. We have changed a few instructors for travel purposes and are trying an online schooling system for Hailey as she is in grade nine this year. It seems to be going well so far.
"We've been really careful not to overbook with shows and we make sure the children have time to be children.," says Ava. "That is very important to us as parents. As parents  We find ourselves busy of course, but also relaxed as we understand our role and walk in it. Our family ties are stronger they all these life experiences since  we do so much together as a team."
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