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Swift Current residents getting active-just in time for 2012

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While a lot of people just talk about, but fail to follow through on New Year's resolutions, one of which has to do with losing weight and gaining a more active lifestyle, at least one Swift Current business sees those bad habits changing.

Cindy Stechyshyn, one of the owners of Central Avenue Physiotherapy said 70 people immediately and initially signed up for a “Beat the Santa Bulge” contest/program which tried to get people following some positive habits before the holidays started as opposed to panicking and doing something after the fact.

Stechyshyn was a little surprised at the number odf respondants but was pleased people are trying to do something about about inactivity and getting back to healthy lifestyles.

“We were kind of hoping for 30 people,” explained Stechyshyn who said those who have signed up are on the full age-range gamut from teenager to 60-something. “It’s a busy time of year for everyone, but residents have really gotten on board with this...we’re really excited to get on it.”

Stechyshyn explained people need to try a new appraoch to eating healthy and getting their butts off the couches. It’s all about refocusing their energies and trying to work some time into their schedules for exercise.

Stechyshyn knows this time of year is hardest to maintain a healthy plan, but said with the new year and programs such as “beat the bulge” now is as good a time as any.

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