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Swift Current Little Theatre’s Muu-Muu great-great

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By Jessi Gowan — This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening weekend for the Swift Current Little Theatre’s fall production of Wendy Lockman’s What Hides Beneath Your Muu-Muu? was a sold out success following two pub night performances Nov. 25 and 26.

“We had very good, responsive audiences over the weekend, with over 220 tickets sold each night,” noted director Ken Johnson. “We expect that when we are done with this production, we will have had more than 1,000 people come through.”

This fall’s production required nine weeks of rehearsal time, and a few weeks of preparation time even before that to choose the play, do the casting, and work with producers to do bookings and get the rights to the play. The bulk of the hours spent on the production take place within the last week before showtime, when extra volunteers come out to bartend, sell tickets, watch the door, and help with food preparation.

“We were really pleased with the effort that everyone put out, and things came off without too many snags that anyone could see,” Johnson said. “Everyone got to walk away quite happy, and we are anticipating that our last pub night will be sold out by this weekend. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to reduce the size of the audience to make sure everyone can hear what’s going on onstage.”

Johnson said the group is looking into investing in some sort of audio boost equipment, but are trying to stay away from requiring the actors to wear microphones.

This will be discussed in more detail at the annual meeting in December, when they will also discuss some options for the upcoming spring production.

“Our membership list consists of more than 45 people, who are not always involved with every production,” Johnson explained. “People come and go, and we sometimes have the same 20 people involved in every production, but we usually have a couple of new people get involved, as well.”

In addition to the group receiving support from members, the community has also remained supportive of Swift Current Little Theatre.

Johnson is pleased shows are still selling out regularly.

“We assist throughout the community as well in other ways,

and try to support other theatre endeavours in the province and in

the city,” he added. “Many of our members volunteer and are involved with the Lyric Theatre. This is something that gets people more involved in community, and it’s a social event. We see a lot of people sitting around even after the play is done just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company.”

What Hides Beneath Your Muu-Muu? will be performed at another pub night Dec. 3, and a dinner theatre performance Dec. 2. Remaining tickets for the dinner theatre are available at Creative, with all other tickets available at Pharmasave.

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