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Thursday, 04 September 2014 09:40

What Goes Around, Comes Around at the Esplanade

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The Esplanade Art Gallery in Medicine Hat is proud to present its two new exhibitions until Oct. 4, Rory Mahony’s L O O P and Jason Baerg’s Returning. Public reception with the artists is Sept. 26 at 7 p.m. and Downtown Artwalk’s Roving Reception for Alberta Culture Days.

Rory Mahony: L O O P
Rory Mahony’s L O O P is a mesmerizing and poetic yet wryly humorous exhibition of photographs and multi-channel video projections with sound. In this new work, Mahony presents moving portraits which are mirrored, layered, and changing, to create visually poetic impressions for the viewer. His subjects interact with mirrors, with each other, and also with avian, canine and insect representatives of the natural world.
Jason Baerg: Returning
Cree Métis artist Jason Baerg combines painting — an ancient means of human art-making — with the most contemporary — computer-generated video — in two recent works, Relations and Nomadic Bounce.
In Relations the combination of 13 circular paintings with a video projection is a fitting means for Baerg to explore Indigenous notions of time through the many prophesies echoing from different cultures, such as the Cree, Hopi, Mayan and Tibetans.

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