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Wednesday, 10 August 2011 14:48

Young music duo get chance to Ramble hard

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By Ryan Dahlman — This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Eliza Doyle is used to travelling and performing.

A veteran of many musical groups — Barleywik and Heartstrings to name a few — she’s seen Canada and been to many spots all over the world.

As a teacher at Maverick School in Swift Current, Doyle is also used to dealing with teenagers and has worked with them to help improve their music.

A provincial music association created grant money for Saskatchewan bands. One use for the grant was to help mentor aspiring performers. Doyle and her bluegrass-sounding Hard Ramblers band which includes Paula McGuigan on upright bass  and Jody Weger on guitar/vocals, decided the mentorship program was a good idea. From it, they  formulated an interesting tour idea which now includes a CD release party at the Lyric Theatre Aug. 16. The Hard Ramblers are releasing Way Down the Road

For Doyle and her bandmates, it will be a fascinating, if not educational experience.

The banjo-playing Doyle says the Hard Ramblers upcoming tour with folk duo Kacy and Clayton will be something she’s never experienced before.

Kacy Anderson, 14, and her cousin Clayton Linthicum, 16, are gifted singers and musicians. The duo are from the Wood Mountain area of southern Saskatchewan and have just released a self-titled debut effort. It was recorded at Dahl Street Studio which is owned and operated by Weger.

Touring with younger people will be something fresh for Doyle.

“On a regular tour, you’re playing bars every night from 9 (p.m.) until 2 (a.m.) every night. You don’t get to sleep until three or four. It’s hard,” said Doyle. “Now, we’re playing cafés and intimate settings.”

Doyle said now it will be more of a tour per sé, because they have the opportunity to visit local tourism areas and maybe do some kayaking in B.C. Doyle will see areas like she has never been able to before.

Most importantly, the bands will be able to focus on the music and not worry about whether they have to play fast dance music knowing the audience is just there to have a good time as opposed to appreciate the musicians’ talents.

With this part of a mentoring program, Doyle sees it as a two-way street. She has the utmost of respect for Kacy and Clayton who are mature beyond their years in regards to their musical prowess.

“They’re mentoring us as well,” explained Doyle. “Clayton is an amazing guitar player. He practises all the time. I never practise much, but I’m learning from him. Plus, their (folk) music is such a good fit with us. This is an opportunity to create a super group.”

Doyle said the Ramblers are working on a set with the duo. They are all excited about the tour which will open with the folk sounds of the young duo to the rockabilly, bluegrass sounds of the veteran Hard Ramblers. They are heading through B.C. and Saskatchewan.

The travelling quintet will play two southwest Saskatchewan shows for their respective CD releases: Aug. 16 at the Lyric Theatre in Swift Current and Aug. 17 at The Ampitheatre in Cypress Hills. To check out more about them and to listen to some audio, visit: and www.kacyand

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