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Tuesday, 28 June 2011 14:45

He's the (Sask.) wanderer

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By Rose Sanchez

Andrew Konoff can check off Windscape and the Long Day’s Night Festival on his list of things to doin Saskatchewan this summer.
The University of Regina student is spending his summer as The Saskatchewanderer.


In a marketing pilot project thought up by Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport, Konoff won the contest to work “the best summer job ever.”

He was the voting public’s favourite pick and so at the beginning of May he started exploring Saskatchewan in a Ford vehicle thanks to Bennett Dunlop Ford. Other sponsors include CAA Saskatchewan and Browns Communications Group.

Konoff uses Facebook, updates a blog and tweets about his experiences as he explores what Saskatchewan has to offer.

Some amazing sites have greeted him along the way so far and he’s taken part in many urban and rural activities. For the honours student facing his final year toward earning his philosophy degree, he’s enjoyed the change of pace from being behind a desk to outside meeting new people.

“It puts me in new situations,” he says about the unique experience of being The Saskatchewanderer.

“Everywhere I go, it’s what makes the experience really special,” adds Konoff about the people he meets.

At Meadow Lake Provincial Park, staff took him around the park and showed him various trails to hike.

He says while his job has been touted as the “best summer job ever”, he has met a lot of people who could lay claim to the same title.

Through his blog Konoff shares his experiences and posts photographs and videos. His Facebook page is a way to engage individuals interested in following his adventures. He’ll also take suggestions from people of places he should be visiting or events he should attend.

He knows with only a month and a half remaining as The Saskatchewanderer, it will be hard to see everything.

“I am nowhere near close to seeing it all. There’s so much diversity. That’s a job that can go on to a future wanderer.”

Those diverse experiences have included hiking the trails in provincial parks to staying in some beautiful, historic bed and breakfast establishments.

It’s the little things that have surprised Konoff, who was born and raised in Regina, about his trek so far.

“I can go somewhere and be expecting to do this or that, but then I get there and I’m astonished,” he says. He cites the example of seeing the Great Sandhills near Leader.

“I didn’t associate desert sand dunes near where we live ... it’s a great ecological feature of this province.”

Konoff has also been applying some of his philosophical views to the summer job.

“Philosophy makes you do mental gymnastics,” he says. He’ll often take apart an experience, think about it and see it from all sides.

“It’s challenging but it makes for great writing.”

Konoff was blogging about his experiences in Swift Current last weekend and planned to post video of the events he participated in including Long Day’s Night and the Windscape Kite Festival. Look for updates on his blog at:

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