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Ex-reporter’s Kindle-only book helps direct people to cool spots in southwest Sask. and southern Alberta

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Monique Massiah loves to travel and enjoys the southwest part of Saskatchewan and southern Alberta.

Massiah says the area is underappreciated from
a tourism point of view. She believes many people have forgotten or just don’t know about the area’s rich history or its intrinsic beauty.
That’s where Massiah’s Kindle-only book comes in.
Released April 20, South Country — Western Canadian Roadtrips is chock-full of travel tips, maps, notes on out-of-the-way or not-so-obvious places to visit and most importantly — from Massiah’s point of view — a lot of photos.
Massiah loves photography and with her travels as a reporter with the Maple Creek Times/
Shaunavon Standard, Massiah was able to have access to many different areas and situations and was constantly shooting, thus allowing the opportunity for some outstanding photography. It was on a long weekend
a year and a half ago when Massiah decided to do a travel book focusing on southwest Saskatchewan and most of southern Alberta.
“I was working on a project for the Cypress Health Region and I had all of these pictures and I didn’t know what to do with them,” explains Massiah.
“I love western Canada and I really like to travel and there’s just so much here. People don’t realize what they have in their own backyard.”
Whenever she had weekends off or visited her family’s home in Calgary, she would stop and take some pictures or visit a new area.
Massiah enjoyed visiting and learning about a lot of places for the book including Drumheller. She says after visiting for the first time, she was impressed with the fact that it’s just more than the Tyrrell Museum.
One place she that surprised her was Canada’s longest running rodeo.
“Murraydale area and the setting there was great,” says Massiah. “It was the most interesting thing.
It’s like in the middle of nowhere and yet they
have signs posted all over the place: just follow the electric wire fence around a field. It was really interesting ... then the rodeo is right in the middle of this open area.”
She wanted to stick with a Kindle book people can download for $5 through Amazon. It was by design
as she wanted to reach an audience who were just looking for a quick afternoon or weekend trip.
This isn’t the first book for Massiah. Her first was a fiction book entitled Daphne, she released in September 2013.

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