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Thursday, 09 June 2011 12:15

Tompkins relays $58,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society

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By Ryan Dahlman
Connie Lindsay has had far more difficult battles in her life such as overcoming cancer.

However, on May 28, she and a group of dedicated volunteers from the Tompkins area  worked extremely hard and hosted an extremely successful Southwest/Tompkins Relay For Life.

Close to $58,000 was raised by the small community along the Trans Canada Highway. It was the first time Tompkins has ever hosted a Relay for Life, where the proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

“It was amazing,” said Lindsay who added participants from Maple Creek, Piapot and Eastend were also involved.

According to the Relay for Life website, the Tompkins Community Centre 96 volunteers; 221 participants; 20 teams; 50 survivors walked the first lap, the Survivors' Victory Lap and 522 luminaries were lit.

While it was a lot of work for a group of people who had never put such an even on, Lindsay said it worked out well. Everything was cleaned up and residents of a seniors’ rental home who lived nearby weren’t bothered by the music and noise of the event. Lindsay said some even enjoyed the music.

“With the committee we had in place, I didn’t feel (pressure)...they were all very competant people and we got it done. People in Tompkins come to together and we got it done like we always do. For all the manual labour was amazing the way the community took it on.

“It was everything I had hoped it would be.”

Lindsay was touched by many momemts, including the luminary ceremony and the survivor’s lap.

“It was kinda like a blur,” added Lindsay.

Leader will host the Southwest Relay next year and Lindsay plans on being in Swift current this weekend for the Relay there. She will be in the Survivors’ Lap as well as be there to support her daughter-in-law who is walking in support of a friend.

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