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Wednesday, 01 June 2011 15:43

Women empowered women at conference

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By Chris Jaster — This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Southwest Saskatchewan women who are in business may now feel a closer connection to each other.

More than 100 women from the southwest corner came to the Sky Centre in Swift Current May 25
to learn how to network and to build business relationships with each other at the Women Without Borders networking conference.

The event, which featured panel presentations, a building relationship webinar and information on how to use social marketing as a networking tool, was put on by Stark and Marsh, the Southwest Enterprise Region and Wide Mouth Media.

It dealt with issues such as how to use social media to one’s benefit in business, as well as ways to network in person and the values and benefits of meeting new people.

Kelsay Reimer, SWER’s chief executive officer, said it was important to put on an event such as this as the rate of women in business is growing faster in Canada than any other group.

“We started talking to folks from southwest Saskatchewan to ask if there is a need to have a network in southwest Saskatchewan and are you interested in connecting with other women in business across the region. Everybody we spoke to said yes,” said Reimer.

“We figured out how we could develop a women’s network in Saskatchewan and we thought we’d start with this conference, a professional learning event, where people can learn about social media and networking and have an opportunity to network with other women from across the region as a catalyst to build that network.”

Reimer was impressed with the speakers and seminar at the event, calling it a success.

She only views the conference, however, as Phase 1 of a plan to help women in business connect with each other.

Now Reimer and SWER are working on building an online network which will allow the women who attended the conference, and other women in business, to continue talking to each other.

“This event is about getting information from women across the region to see if there is any interest in a network,” she said. “Phase 2 will be about creating that network.

“What we’re hoping to do is engage women at this formation level to say: ‘What would this look like? Is it online? What is required and what are you looking to work with businesses across the network or just professional?’ It certainly wouldn’t centre around us, but we’d certainly play a co-ordinating role in getting this network up and built.”

Approximately 70 women who attended the conference signed up to be part of the network.

An organizing committee has been formed to determine the next step in setting up the network.

It plans to connect with the women who expressed an interest in the network to set up an initial meeting over the next month.

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