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Wednesday, 25 May 2011 15:24

Artist creates franchise with new album

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By John R. Statton - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The opening act for the 2011 Long Day’s Night festival is taking a multi-faceted approach with her concept album.

Krystle Dos Santos’ Fame Fatale has been four years in the making, and boasts an elaborate story allegory to current events.

After taking a two-year break since her self-titled debut in 2008, Dos Santos has created her own mythos to propel her new album.

“We really wanted to develop something special with this one, build a story and a concept with it, and wanted to take our time,” said Dos Santos.

“The first one seemed like a whirlwind, and this time I just wanted to pace myself out, have some perspective, have a little separation from it when I needed to; (it’s) one of those passion projects you can take your time with.”

Her new concept album centres around the fictional Unit 9: A cyborg assassin working for a master control agency; a hired gun for the corrupt ruling regime.

“She goes rogue, and the scientist that created her — who is in love with her — sends her away because the master control agency wants to destroy her,” said Dos Santos.

“She starts developing more of her human qualities back — because she’s already part human — and she decides that the world in which they live in is completely wrong, so she takes it upon herself to destroy the current regime.”

The idea was born from working with Edmonton producer KazMega.

“She’s kind of that all around person that hopefully a lot of people can relate to, and a lot of people are striving to be part of,” she said.

A comic book series will be released to kick off Dos Santos’ tour in early July.

“I’m hoping that it turns into a huge franchise. I would be so impressed if it just turns into something huge,” she explained.

“It’s something that you have to sort of develop, really feed and work on, so we want the comic book to drive the music rather than the other way around.”

Dos Santos hopes to continue the Fame Fatale series through spin-off stories. New characters would be introduced to the story via musical collaboration on the next album.

“I’d love to see a villain or a partner, and really see it develop into a bigger story,” she said.
“In a perfect world, I would love to spin it off into a huge empire.”

Dos Santos will play June 23 in Swift Current to kick off the three-day music festival.

She’s never visited the province.

“I’ve driven through Saskatchewan, but I’ve never actually stopped or stayed anywhere,” said Dos Santos.

“I’m excited to come and see my neighbouring province.”

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