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Review of EverLast: readers will be ever wanting to learn more: book launch March 28 in Med. Hat

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Medicine Hat author Virginia Bennett has written and released the first of her trilogy EverLast The EverLasting Trilogy: Book One.

Bennett describes it as a teen genre book for those 16 year of age and older. While she is a high-school teacher, she has put that full-time career on hold while she writes. Bennett is also interested in history which doesn't come as a surprise as one reads the 422-page, plus epilogue book.
Without giving too much of the plot away, the story starts with the introduction and description of Phoenix Wilder, a 16-year-old who signed up to join the army in 1916. Unbeknownst to him, he actually signed up to be part of an experiment in a scientific lab where the goal is to create an army of super-soldiers. The government decides to scrap the project and kill all those who were unwantingly the subject of those experiments.
Wilder manages to escape but discovers that he is no longer aging and is stuck as a 17-year-old. Years and generations pass as he remains 17.
The government wants him dead so Wilder is constantly on the run until he is rescued at a motel he happens to be staying at by a man named Greyson Pike. He is a representative of an underground safe haven compound called EverLast where people who had been part of the same experiment Wilder had been, co-habitate or at least find sanctuary from the real world.
As Wilder gets older in years, not in physical development, he finds life and relationships get more complicated, especially one he initiates with the EverLast's leader's mysterious daughter Delphine.
In this day and age of life being vivid and visual with computers, elaborate video games, and 3-D experiences in movie theatres, it's a challenge for fictional writers who are trying to develop not only plots and characters, but to describe action.
Fortunately for the first time author, Bennett does this successfully.
She tries hard to bring reaaders into each conversation. Characters are the focal point and not so much the surroundings although readers are able to create in their own minds what EverLast and all of the other locales are like.
Bennett's writing is able to transfer her vivid imagination to paper.
It's one of those books which is hard to put down and one finds a lot of time has passed when reading it. It's one of those books which you need to allot a good chunk of time for – don't try to read two pages at a time. It's literally chapters which need to be taken in.
It's a shame not everyone could meet Bennett and enjoy, not only her passion and zeal for writing, but her honest belief intelling this story to others. She says the plot and the characters came to her in her dreams and imagination and were just waiting to be recorded on paper.
It's obvious in her vivid descriptions of her characters and their relationships, Bennett has sharp creativity and wants to paint not just a picture, but one that explodes off the page without the use of anything but words.
The older teenager will enjoy it as that is the age demographic Bennett was reaching for, but adults will be more than able to want to follow along too.
Will it become the next big thing? It's possible. It will be interesting to see if she can get the word out on it and whether readers will be hooked in wanting more of Phoenix.
It's worth a read, especially to those who are into action-adventures with some heart as he chases after his love including a strong tease in the epilogue.
As Phoenix himself describes on the last page, "I had a knack for finding trouble, or else it would eventually come looking for me."
Readers are counting on it.
(Virginia Bennett will hold a book launch and signing at Inspire Café in Medicine Hat March 28 from 7-9 p.m. The book is called Everlast: The EverLasting Trilogy Book One. It is available for purchase on Amazon, Kindle and Kobo).
She is also on Twitter at or you can find her on Facebook at Virginia-Bennett.

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