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AGSC offers creative summer camps for young artists in the southwest

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Creative young minds in the southwest will have plenty of opportunities for cultural development and experimentation with Art Gallery of Swift Current's summer camps. Art camp will be offered to youths aged 10-16 from July 15-19, or July 22-26, and music camp is available for youths aged 14-18, from July 29-August 2.



“We've been offering art camp for the past year years, and we usually fill up really quickly,” explained Kelsey Chabot, organizer and instructor with AGSC's art camp. “We usually split kids into groups of younger and older kids, and we are seeing a lot of interest in the 10-13 age group.”


Young artists get to spend a week in a tent along the Swift Current Creek, exploring various materials and techniques. With a variety of skilled instructors, kids can learn about photography, sculpture, claymation, and even kite-building.


“It's a great opportunity for kids to meet other kids with the same interests, and learn a lot of new skill sets that they might not otherwise get,” Chabot said. “It's also different from a lot of the other sport or bible camps offered in this area, which gives kids more options for their summer holidays.”


New this year is AGSC's music camp, which will give young musicians the chance to not only learn more about technique, but also important aspects of the professional side of the music industry.


“Swift Current has things like Open Stage at the Lyric, with this vibrant arts community that young people should be a part of,” explained Dana Rempel, organizer and instructor with AGSC's music camp. “Working at the Lyric, I see a lot of talented young musicians coming through and doing great things, but they maybe don't know exactly how to act in a professional setting. That's something that's really important, because people who aren't as patient as we are might not give them the same courtesy.”


The music camp will be very student-driven, with instructors spending a lot of time getting to know the students to learn what exactly they hope to accomplish. Kids will be split into groups, and spend time listening to music and developing a good ear, learning important technical aspects of being a musician, as well as the professional side – running a sound system, and what is expected of them at a gig.


“With young, professional musicians as facilitators at the camp, it will be a great way for these kids to make connections and learn from people who are also doing new and exciting things musically,” explained Rempel, who plays in a local band called Over the Air. “We will be playing music that kids identify with, and we will cover all sorts of popular genres – even things like hip hop, reggae, techno, and heavy metal. We just want kids to get together and have fun and learn more about something that they are already interested in.”


While there is an Open Stage opportunity for young musicians to perform during the week of the camp, Rempel noted that there is no pressure for the kids to get on stage. However, that chance will be available to kids who are ready to perform.


“We really don't want to put any pressure on these kids at the end of only one week, it's more about getting to know each other in the community and understanding what it means to be a musician,” he said. “It's a really unique opportunity for young musicians, and we are hoping that it goes really well.”


Kids can still sign up for music camp by emailing Rempel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or calling him at 306-550-7458. To register for art camp, contact Art Gallery of Swift Current through their website,, or call 306-778-2736.

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