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New Hitchcock film club starting up at Swift Current Library on June 25

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With the wide variety of programming available at Swift Current Library, there is something to appeal to people of any age and interest. This month, a new Alfred Hitchcock film club will kick off with their first presentation – Vertigo, on June 25.


“We've been trying to offer a film club that will have a permanent place on our roster of activities,” explained Head Librarian, Chris Harrow. “We have started a few different groups and haven't had much success, but this time we were looking for something with a style that is consistent but unique in comparison to all other films.”


Hitchcock pioneered many techniques in the genres of suspense and psychological thriller, and was in a way, the father of a new generation of films. The lineup for the next three months will feature Vertigo, The Birds, and Strangers on a Train, presented on the last Tuesday of the month.


“I didn't want to start with something really violent like presenting a film like Psycho right off the bat, and Hitchcock's body of work offers such a wide variety of films that are suspenseful instead of being straight up horror films,” said Harrow. “The ones we will be showing will give people a chance to see something of his that maybe they hadn't seen before.”


The series kicks off next week, and Harrow is hoping to see a good turnout. Since Hitchcock has such an expansive body of work, there are many more movies to be featured if the idea goes over well.


“The next three months are a bit of a starter, to see how things go and if we have a lot of Hitchcock fans here in Swift Current,” Harrow noted. “If we get enough people out, we will continue to showcase his films. He is a great filmmaker and I really respect his work, and it's great to have the opportunity to share that with others.”


Harrow has been eager to get more people into the library not just to take advantage of their collection of books and resources, but also to use the facility as a safe and welcoming community center.


“It's nice for people with common interests to build relationships with other like-minded community members, where people want to come and interact,” he said. “It's paying off for us in a big way. We get people coming in for our regular programs all the time, and our Saturday Circuit partnership with other local cultural and recreation facilities is always growing. As a whole, that helps build a stronger community.”

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