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Nanton farmer featured in organic farming TV documentary

Written by  Stephanie Labbe
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A Nanton-area organic farmer will soon be seen by many who watch a new documentary entitled A Tiny Drop of Change.

Lance Loree owns a farm called Thirsty Acres west of Nanton where he grows organic food. He says the experience of being featured in the documentary was quite positive.
The documentary is about organic farming and visits the farms of people all across Canada. There are a couple farms being featured from Alberta with others being from Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, Yukon and the North West Territories.
The documentary is set to be released this spring.
“As an organic farmer, my place, my operation is listed or I am listed in a couple of different directories,” states Loree.
Because his farm is listed in many directories, he was found by the director of this documentary and chosen to feature in the film.
“What’s the downside?” questions Loree about why he agreed to be in the documentary.
He had his doubts at first about if his way of doing things and the way he farms would really have much to offer.
As well, while being featured in the documentary, Loree travelled to Quebec in early February to record a soundtrack for the film.
He has a musical background and still plays whenever he can. He decided to record the music for the documentary, because he wanted to help.
“I think it’s a good project — good folks.”
Loree adds the documentary was well put together and the producers and directors knew what they were doing.
“As a tool of self assessment, I think it’s good. The interview questions that they asked, it kind of made me take a little look at things,” says Loree, adding this documentary isn’t a how-to video.
Loree says he was really the only person being featured in this documentary who had a farming background.
“I made the decision to try organic farming, I think in 2005 … but a lot of the people on here come from ... are professionals or artists,” says Loree.
By being in this documentary, it gave Loree the hopes and thoughts that maybe he’s not alone in wanting healthy, better quality food. All of the people in the documentary — in one way or another — grow their own food to ensure they
know what’s going into it and how it’s being grown.
Loree says viewers who will most likely watch this documentary will be
the ones who already live or want to try an organic lifestyle. However, he says people should watch this documentary to open their eyes.
Loree mentions Laura Taubman, the producer of this documentary has been in contact with him following filming and she wants to do another documentary just on him. Loree was surprised when she mentioned this to him, but was honoured at the same time.
Through his music and farming, Loree says Taubman thinks it would be a good story.
Taubman is away for four months, but when she returns, she wants to look into doing a feature documentary on Loree. He asked his wife what she thought of the idea and she said ‘go for it’.

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