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Attention actors/actresses: casting call for a western movie

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Those who want to be in a western movie: heads up, director Dustin Alen is looking for you.

Actors will be needed for three days inclusive April 27-29 in production of Alen’s second directorial effort The Pre-War Princess. Transportation and lunch will be available. Experience is an asset, but not a requirement.
“In general, we are looking for middle-aged or older men and women with a fondness for movies to appear in one of the films biggest scenes,” explained Alen who has shot the entire film in the Medicine Hat region. “We filmed most of it last fall, but got snowed out, so now we are completing the film.
“I scouted the area for several weeks trying to find spots that were suitably undeveloped and desolate. This is harder than it sounds, but I didn’t have too much trouble since I know this area quite well and my father was a beekeeper in Medicine Hat for years prior so we already knew a lot of landowners. Those farmers and ranchers who I met for the first time were very open and generous in letting us take over pieces of their land.”
Alen explained the area was perfect for creating the setting for his second film. It’s a movie from the classic western genre, but the drama has a slight twist to it.
“I decided to film in the countryside around here because I knew it could fit the kind of desolate post-apocalyptic look we needed,” explained Alen. “Someone once asked me if I thought people would be offended by that comparison, but I don’t think so. What post-apocalyptic really means in terms of visuals; is the passage of time which all the abandoned farmhouses and buildings make readily apparent.
“The film centers on a man who survives in a post-apocalyptic wasteland by travelling from settlement to settlement exhibiting what he calls the ‘Pre-War Princess’, which is a young woman who lays floating in a kind of cryogenic tank. One day he is forced to wake her up and he has to learn how to live with this person that he has carried and sold to people for so long.”
Anyone interested may contact Alen directly through email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through the film’s Facebook page for more information. (https://www. 153346821354759.

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