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Kaduck's current exhibition at AGSC sparks powerful response

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A coffeehouse evening at Art Gallery of Swift Current on March 22 offered an opportunity for patrons to enjoy a night of great music, hors d'oeuvres, and a walk-and-talk tour of the exhibition with local artist Stephanie Kaduck. Kaduck's exhibition, Tome, will be presented until April 28.


“This exhibition is a series of expressionistic dreamscape, or psychological landscapes,” explained Kaduck. “It is divided into 'books', with each painting being a chapter. They are continuing stories.”


Since a tome is a book with several volumes, it was a fitting name for the collection. Kaduck produced the paintings throughout a two year period, while exploring a subject which has always intrigued her.


“I live with Seasonal Affective Disorder, so I started exploring how northern people cope with the long nights,” she explained. “Rather than looking at psychological studies or things like that, I researched myths, fairy tales, and music. That's what helped lead me along this path.”


Each painting features a variety of symbols, with several symbols appearing in each piece – a bird, the sun, or the moon. Other symbols are a bit more obscure, but the birds remain a constant throughout the collection.


“Birds are a part of the landscape, and I love birds,” admitted Kaduck. “The birds in these paintings are always conflicted, and it took me a long time to figure out why. It’s only recently I’ve come to terms with the fact that birds flying away is a sign of freedom, and this conflict because something needs to be resolved on the ground. I think that’s what the birds are about.”


“A lot of times when you are painting, words just don’t come into it,” Kaduck added. “You're using a different part of the brain, so fabricating words and language to go with it is a separate thing.”


So far, reactions to Kaduck's exhibition have been powerful. She is pleased to see that kind of intensity and stark response to her work.


“I think there is enough energy in the pieces that people can stumble into the space and have their own journey,” she said. “Since they are chapters in stories, it's so important to see them together. The first time I saw them, looked and took a step back, and I think if they are making me take a step back, I can just imagine what they are doing to the casual guy who wanders in.”


Kaduck is looking forward to returning to the studio to continue with her exploration, and plans to be working on new pieces in the coming weeks.


“I’ve come to terms with these ideas a bit better, but I'm nowhere near done,” she said. “There are definitely more chapters.”

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