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Zombageddon premieres to great crowd

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Dueck, Taylor, and Oman introduce the film at the Oct. 31 premiere. Dueck, Taylor, and Oman introduce the film at the Oct. 31 premiere.

After months of planning, filming, and editing, Swift Current’s own horror movie Zombageddon premiered to nearly 300 people at Sky Centre on Oct. 31. The film was the result of a collaboration between Bob Taylor and Devon Oman, who worked tirelessly with volunteers from across the Southwest to put a film together with virtually no budget.


“I loved it, I really enjoyed every bit,” said Oman. “I think it was a lot more than I had expected, actually. We had a very low budget, and watching it on the big screen with an audience, it was a lot more impressive than I thought it would be.”


Oman, who both produced and starred in the film, admitted that it was a bit strange to see himself on the screen. He added that in the future, he’ll stick to smaller roles.


“It was my first time acting, so I’m happy with that, but to be honest I wish I would have done better,” he said. “We have been talking about doing another, but I can’t say too much about it yet. It won’t be a sequel to Zombageddon, though. We are hoping to branch off to something else.”


Director and actor Brian Dueck added that after their experience making Zombageddon, they will have a better idea of what to expect for future projects. He noted that one of the biggest issues they had was with audio equipment, which is something they will work at a bit more with their next film.


“It was a really great learning experience,” Dueck noted. “What I liked most was seeing how many talented people there are in the Southwest. We worked with lots of talented makeup artists who did some great effects, which was awesome. And Bob and Devon were great; I couldn’t have asked to work with better people. The time and dedication they put into it was really inspiring.”


Oman was pleased with the response the film received at the premiere, and the enthusiasm from the community as a whole. The evening featured costume contests and other prizes, which were all donated by local businesses.


“I really did expect that much support, and that was great to see,” he said. “We had people lining up at the door to see the film, and there were some really good reactions to the movie. People got the humor in it, and it was really amazing watching it with the crowd.”


Dueck was also glad to see that the crowd appreciated the thought that was put into the script, which was written by Taylor and Oman, with the help of local playwright Wendy Lockman.


“People came up to me and said the storyline was actually really impressive, that it wasn’t just a brainless zombie flick,” he said. “That made me feel good, that people appreciated the good storyline. Wendy does a great job of writing comedy into a script, even when it’s darker.”


Proceeds from the film are going to support the local SPCA, and Oman estimates that they have raised over $2000 so far. They are currently taking pre-orders for copies of the DVD and for Zombageddon t-shirts. For more information, visit their website at

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