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Zombie movie to be filmed in Swift Current

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A group of friends who enjoy making spoofs of famous horror movies have rallied the community for a larger project — a low-budget zombie movie to help raise money for the SPCA.

The film, Zombageddon, features the talents of many local residents, and will be premiered Oct. 31 at Sky Centre in Swift Current.
“We’ve loved horror movies since we were young, and just wanted to make a movie,” explained Devon Oman, a Swift Current resident who is one of the three men spearheading the project. “It started out just the three of us, and now it’s expanded to over 150 people. It’s pretty crazy.”
Oman and his friend Bob Taylor teamed up with Logan Demorest for the feature-length film, brainstorming ideas until Zombageddon was born. The group began working on the 70-page script in early March, with the help of local screenwriter Wendy Lockman.
“It has a kind of Shaun Of The Dead feeling, combined with the atmosphere of The Walking Dead,” Oman noted. “It’s not just a mindless killing zombie movie, it actually has a storyline to it.”
From there, the team started hanging posters around town, and posting in the classifieds online to recruit more help for the film. After they were featured on local radio, they really started to see a response from the community.
“Word of mouth really got around, and people were telling friends and family about the movie,” said Oman. “It’s great for us to have the community involved.”
Shooting for the film is set to begin on June 24, with a full cast and crew already in place. The group has recruited several Little Theatre cast members for the film, including Chris Martens, Wendy Lockman, and Brian Dueck, who will also be directing the film. The main cast is comprised of approximately 20 individuals, with many more making up the hordes of zombies.
“Currently, we are really trying to raise some money or donations for food and drinks for cast and crew, since everyone is just volunteering,” Oman noted. “We’ve raised about $500 from selling paper brains, and all of that money is going to be spent on buying makeup. That’s a big thing for zombie movies.”
With the help of 20 makeup artists from across Saskatchewan, the hordes of zombies will be appropriately gory, but Oman noted since they will be in earlier stages of decay, they won’t be too hard to look at.
“I would say our film is going to be about 80 per cent scary and 20 per cent comedy, to keep it realistic,” explained Oman. “There are so many zombie movies out there, we really tried to be original. We actually took a lot of inspiration from different horror movies and kind of brought them into the zombie genre. There is even a nod to Jaws in the script.”
With shooting wrapping up hopefully during the first week of August, the group will have a few weeks to edit the film and get it ready for the premiere on Oct. 31. Tickets for the film will go on sale shortly, with all of the money raised going towards the local SPCA.
Visit for more information on the film, and to find out how to help these local filmmakers realize their dream.

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