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Swift Current's Lyric will be beekeeper’s musical hive April 27-28

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By Jessi Gowan
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Some of Swift Current's brightest cultural alumni will be hitting the stage at the Lyric Theatre during their Festival of Excellence, part of the theatre's 100th Anniversary – A Living Legacy Celebration.

The festival will take place on April 27 and 28, and presents a number of performers from the area, including Swift Current native Luke Cyca and his band, beekeeper.

Cyca, who comes from a very musical family, moved away from Swift Current nearly ten years ago. Almost half that time was spent trying to break into the Vancouver music scene, where he met some other incredible musicians, like Devon Lougheed and Brandi Sidoryk.

“Devon and I were both trying to figure out the scene, seeking out like-minded musicians,” Cyca explained. “We released our first album as beekeeper in 2010, and it was just the two of us and a lot of our other friends. We featured Brandi on that album, and she joined the band just last year.”

“She was kind of our dream,” admitted Lougheed. “We never thought she would commit to being in the band.”

Since then, the trio have played between 30-40 shows in the past year alone. Their tours have taken them throughout western Canada and around Ontario, but this will be their first time performing in Swift Current. On a previous tour, the group stopped for the night to stay with Cyca's parents, where they were able to tour the Lyric Theatre.

“Everyone was really excited about the theatre, and we are looking forward to being onstage in my hometown,” Cyca noted. “I can't wait, it will be great to see so many familiar faces, and bring my music sort of full circle.”

The group's music is what they call indie post-pop. Lougheed noted that since he is a big fan of the nineties, there are a lot of those influences in their sound. While their music features a good dose of pop sensibilities, beekeeper plays with the expectations of the listener to come out with a sound that isn't technically pop music.

“The fun part about our sound is that it is complicated, complex, interesting music from a musician's perspective, but the pop veneer makes it accessible for the casual listener,” added Cyca. “And since Devon has a background in stand-up comedy, our live performances are always different and fun.”

Lougheed describes his performances as 'controlled chaos, on the edge of losing it.' He enjoys performing with Cyca and Sidoryk because he knows that despite his unpredictability, the performance will remain tight and together.

“I can do pretty much anything on stage and Luke will have my back, musically speaking,” he said. “It's an entertaining, unpredictably chaotic performance. An adventure every time.”

The group is looking forward to their upcoming show in Swift Current, since each band member comes from a small town in a different province – Cyca from Saskatchewan, Lougheed from Ontario, and Sidoryk from Alberta.

“We sort of all come from the same place, just in different provinces,” Lougheed said. “In a lot of ways, my hometown is the Swift Current of Ontario.”

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