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Pagan Culture Comes to Lethbridge this May with Second Annual Festival

Written by  Demi Knight
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Author Karen Barry during first Pagan festival Author Karen Barry during first Pagan festival Myles Fairweather

Lethbridge is getting a lesson in spirituality this May, as the Pagan Cultural Festival returns for the second time to southern Alberta.

In hopes to help share the culture of Paganism, unite communities and spread true knowledge of this faith, organizers are excited to be bringing the festival back once again this year on May 1 to a city that’s accepting and ready to learn.
“Having this festival again in Lethbridge is very important to this area because there’s a big misunderstanding with the pagan culture,” says founder and organizer of the festival, Myles Fairweather.    
“That [misunderstanding] being that we do practise what is more commonly known as witchcraft, and a lot of Hollywood has created negative images of what paganism is, so this festival is a great way to show the world who we really are and share our culture.”
With hopes to highlight, celebrate and educate the public on this often-misunderstood faith, Fairweather shared the main aspects of the culture which include its peaceful nature, harmonious balance of good and bad and eco-based spirit. 
“We believe in a balance of love and dark, like nature we need balance in our lives and it’s a very harmonious culture.”
“We want to show the world that we are like any other religion but we’re more eco-based and spiritual, much like a lot of the worlds healers we come from the old ways of the Celtic, British Isles and old cultures and it’s very important for Lethbridge to understand this religion.”
This annual Pagan Cultural Festival, which is gearing up for it’s second appearance this year at the Galt Gardens in Lethbridge, came to be after founder Fairweather’s experience with the Pagan culture in Edmonton, where small festivals were often held to teach the community’s up there the ways of the pagan culture.
“It all started from a lady, whose name was Sandy Simpson, she took me in when I was younger and taught me about the pagan culture,” says Fairweather of his decision to bring knowledge of this faith further south. 
“It really all stemmed from Sandy. Her ability to bring people together and let everyone have a great time really inspired me to make this festival happen and to bring it to southern Alberta.”
This year the festival is back for it’s second time to help further the growth in sharing this faith and creating a day for people of all ages to come out and enjoy for free.
With a day of fun for all, the festival boasts not only displays of and guest speakers on the culture itself but also activities and entertainment that run all day long.
From 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. vendors, live entertainment, workshops, artwork and guest speakers and educational vendors including Ryan HeavyHead with the Aimmoniisiiksi Institute and Enchanted Greens- Alter maintenance and Anointment 101 will all come together at this unique event. And with over two thousand people in attendance at last years first ever festival, the organizers are hoping to do even better in sharing their message with the community this year.
“The community was very shy last year so a lot of people didn’t want to step out,” added Fairweather.
“This year however organizing has been going way better. We’ve had a year to get this hunkered down and prepare, and we’ve had a lot more community support and growth this year.”
The Pagan culture which has seen a lot of support within the north of the province in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, creates an opportunity for people to come together, share their views and connect through unity and Fairweather says that this alone makes him passionate to keep striving for the same progression and togetherness here in southern Alberta also.
“Edmonton has such a great pagan community and I would love for Lethbridge to be the shining star and the central area for the southern Alberta pagan community.”
 The second annual Lethbridge Pagan Cultural Festival will be taking place on May. 1 at the Galt Gardens with free attendance for all, more details for on the event are available online at

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