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Step back in time at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village

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By Susan Quinlan
Pincher Creek

If you’re wondering what you can add to your list of fun things to do this summer, you’ll want to jot down making a trip to Pincher Creek’s Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village (KBPV), as the activities they have planned are many and varied.

“KBPV is forward-thinking and dynamic for a home-town museum,” said Toni Lucas, event co-ordinator.

“We have many projects on the go, designed to make this a better facility for tourists and the people in the community that we serve.”

Lucas said over the past several years, volunteers and staff have “upgraded, painted, planned, polished, planted, and cleaned” the many buildings and facilities at the site.

“We have updated the original museum building, creating a false front that pays tribute to many of the buildings that were on Main Street Pincher Creek both before and after the 1913 fire ravaged our community. We have also taken over the old trailer park (beside KBPV) and transformed it into a gorgeous community garden, tree nursery and outdoor learning centre for ecological seminars.”

In addition, Lucas said during the upcoming season, three unique buildings would be added to the site, honouring the pioneer families of Cyr and Gietz.

KBPV staff and volunteers have also developed an indoor learning centre, while Fishburn School creates an authentic experience for educational tours, said Lucas. She added Friday’s farmer’s market as well have enhanced the visitor experience at the village, as have the addition of farm animals.

“This year the baby donkey and lambs will be our newest arrivals.”

This season will also see the opening of two new major exhibits, said Lucas.  The Transportation Display, opened during the site’s Canada Day Celebrations, will showcase Ray Degan’s Model A and Model T Fords along with various cars from local collectors and dealers, and a vehicle from the Eddy family.

Second up is the KBPV General Store, which opened in June.

“All communities had a general store that sold everything; that was your mercantile. We’re going to stock it with stuff that would have been sold, and we’ll be selling candy and gum balls on our special event days.”

In addition to the above onsite activities, KBPV has organized a Community Garden Bus Tour July 23 and a harvest festival. In addition, a Graveyard Tour was set up during July.

“This will bring chills to those looking for a bit of adventure with a twist of history.”

The “Wuth-while Bike Ride” will take place August 6, said Lucas, who described the event as a pledge-driven bike ride culminating with a luncheon on the KBPV grounds. This year’s luncheon will include a “roast” of curator Farley Wuth, as he celebrates his 15th year at KBPV.

KBPV is open every day throughout the summer.

“On non-event days it’s a wonderful place to go through and enjoy the historical past of southern Alberta, and during event days, it’s dynamic and aimed at family fun, so come out and enjoy stepping into our past,” says Lucas.

For more information about KBPV, go to: It’s located at 1037 Bev McLachlin Drive, Pincher Creek; phone 403-627-3684; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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