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Swift Current photographer displays her art in Maple Creek

Written by  Dominique Liboiron
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Swift Current photographer displays her art in Maple Creek Dominique Liboiron

Beauty attracts Marilyn Nimegeers’ eye – and her camera lens. The Swift Current photographer feels a sense of purpose in finding beauty and in sharing it with others.

Nimegeers confides that pictures fulfill her soul. Photography is also a way to express herself and to make life more enjoyable. She likes to play with light and shadow, she craves brilliant colours and she’s in awe of nature.
Landscapes and seascapes feature prominently in her work, but so do architecture, abstract images and macro photography. Her latest exhibit includes all of the above and it’s currently showing at two Maple Creek businesses, the Rockin’ Horse and the Willowbend Hotel.
Laurie Leigh is the co-owner of the Rockin’ Horse, a restaurant and bar that also serves as a non-traditional art gallery. The entire north wall of the eatery is graced with art from local artists. For Leigh, displaying the work of painters and photographers from this region is a way to expose her patrons to the beauty of the Southwest.
“I love the way Marilyn takes pictures of nature,” Leigh expresses. The restaurateur explains she enjoys how Nimegeers captures the colour and beauty of southwest Saskatchewan.
Nimegeers has been practising photography since she’s 11. As a girl, she recalls watching her dad take pictures and was “mystified” by the photos that came out of his camera.
A shy girl, Nimegeers tended to seclude herself. Her camera became a barrier or a shield to hide behind and yet it was also a tool that allowed her to interact with the world.
In Grade 12, this budding photographer made friends with a group of students who enjoyed chemistry and they showed her how to develop her own pictures. “It literally gave me chills,” Nimegeers says of watching her pictures appear in the bath of photographic chemicals she calls “the soup.”   
From there, Nimegeers began taking portraits of her friends and in time people asked her to photograph their weddings.
After high school, this native of Vanguard, Sask., took a course in fashion design in Kingston, Ont., and photography was one of her subjects.
Nimegeers would go on to own and operate a studio in Saskatoon for 13 years where her range of talents included portraiture along with boudoir, glamour, fashion and wedding photography.
In time, Nimegeers was able to take her photography outside the studio, as well. She worked aboard a cruise ship as the assistant manager of on-board boutiques for three and a half years and this gave her the opportunity to get pictures from around the world. Of all the locations she photographed, one in particular comes to mind, “Europe was spectacular for architecture,” she declares.
In September, Nimegeers displayed her work at Maple Creek’s Cowboy Poetry gathering. The annual celebration of western heritage featured an art show where she presented for the first time. “It was a lovely, warm experience,” she shares and adds she met lots of down to earth people.
Currently, her main camera body is a Nikon D500 and she shoots with a Nikon D7200 as a back-up.
If you’d like to see Nimegeers’ photos, the Rockin’ Horse is located at 103 Maple St. and the Willowbend Hotel is across the street. The images are on consignment at both locations. Nimegeers said there isn’t a specific date when the exhibit will be taken down.
To view Nimegeers’ work online, please visit her on Facebook at Marilyn Anne Nimegeers Photography or at RoadTripping South West Saskatchewan and Beyond. 
Her work is also on display at the gift shop in the Swift Current hospital.

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