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Swift Current’s Dead Prairies new film features some dark humour

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If you're friends with Devon Oman, the creative genius that is Swift Current's own Dead Prairies, and you didn't, he is in the midst of editing his non-profit horror film company's latest project: The B Squad.

The B Squad is a fun film, you can tell Devon Oman's smile through the telephone line.
"It's a dark comedy, there's a lot more humour and i designed it to be," says Oman mentioning he's a big fan of this type of horror film with such famous titles as the Living Dead and Shaun of the Living Dead.
It was a realm he hadn't really gone too hardfast on and because the movie is loosely based on himself, he wanted to add some humour to it. The premise is that the main character Doug (Chandler Dueck)  finds that all of his fictional horror characters from his movies have come to life and four young people have to try and destroy them before the monsters get loose.
Filming wrapped up near the end of September after starting in the early part of summer. Locations included Oman’s home but also Swift Current’s Lucky Charlie’s and the Shack. Lucky Charlie’s will also be the home of the premier of The B Squad sometime in mid-November is what Oman is hoping to achieve.
Oman has been going through over 500 scenes and trying to see what fits. He says this film was such a good time to make and everyone really enjoyed themselves. The performers had more ad-libbing opportunities and it made for some great scenes.
Oman was also impressed again by his make up artist Paige Mitchell who has done his films well in the past and did so again.
Merchandise sales of ball caps, bunny hugs and T-shirts are going well too. Oman says he tried to keep costs down so it was affordable for people who wanted something. He admits it's a great feeling to see someone wearing a Dead Prairies piece of clothing or see one their stickers on a vehicle
As well, another reason for Oman to smile is that on Friday the 13th, Dead Prairie Productions has teamed up with the Lyceum Theatre to show a twin bill horror film evening.  Oman is really happy to be there because of all the support Gull Lake has given the past and he loves the atmosphere in the Lyceum. He's hoping for a big turnout to see the 2017 version of Stephen King's It and the original Friday the 13th.
Oman says all ticket proceeds from the Friday the 13th movie will be donated to the Lyceum Theatre in Gull Lake as it is a non-profit volunteer run organization like Dead Prairies is. His film company and some merchandise proceeds continue to go to the SPCA. The evening’s price: $10 for the double feature or $6 (Adults) or $4 (Students and Seniors) for each movie. Oman also says it’s a good deal as the popcorn and candy are cheap too.

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