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Oh Canada: The View From Here unveiled at art gallery

Written by  Andrea Carol
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Oil and Canvas, “Prairie Wool” by local artist, Sally Knelson of Swift Current. Oil and Canvas, “Prairie Wool” by local artist, Sally Knelson of Swift Current. Andrea Carol

Canada Day in Swift Current brought more than the rodeo and the fair.

The Art Gallery of Swift Current exhibition, Oh Canada: The View From Here was unveiled July 1 at 2 p.m. at 411 Herbert Street East.
In celebration of Canadian Confederation 150 years ago, Kim Houghtaling, director and curator at the Art Gallery of Swift Current, organized an exhibition that celebrates Canada and Saskatchewan.
As it is 150 years since the Confederation of Canada began, this year gives an opportunity to discuss the country, culture, history and future of the place Canadians call home.
This exhibition brings together a diverse group of artists from southwest Saskatchewan to express their experiences, understandings and views of Canada from their perspectives.
“This is a Canada 150 Project that the art gallery has put together,” says Houghtaling. “The title Oh Canada: The View From Here is the premise for it. As curator, I invited artists from around the southwest to propose artworks that they think say something to this concept. Their perspective of Canada. Their experience that they have with being Canadian. A lot of the things that came back were pretty interesting. Artists were doing things already in a sense that really talked about their experience or social issues that are Canadian specific or concerns over the loss of natural history in southwest Saskatchewan that is not just a problem for our area, but our problem across Canada and throughout the world really. And then others celebrating the beauty of it all. The place and the significance and the pride we have in that. Others are really talking symbolically or in terms of icons. We have animals portrayed in a variety of ways and it talks about our history of using our animal life in Canada symbolically. The animals are represented in our money and our story telling. There are a number of artists that are working and responding to that.”
All 17 artists represented in the exhibition are from southwest Saskatchewan.
The exhibition represents a beautiful and diverse capture of the beloved province. It will be on display until Sept. 2 and is well worth a gander.

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