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SIN Volume 3 premieres June 17 at Lucky Charlie’s Pub

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SIN Volume 3 premieres June 17 at Lucky Charlie’s Pub Poster/image by Vanessa Gauvin

Horror movie fans in Swift Current as well as the Swift Current SPCA are probably excited as mid-June approaches.

The latest Dead Prairies Productions film is premiering June 17. It is the latest release from director and producer Devon Oman.
Swift Current’s brainchild of local horror films, Oman approached this latest effort slightly differently.
SIN Volume 3 is comprised of five different short films which combine for a total of less than an hour of movie time. While many films have been Oman’s, this time he opened it up and encouraged local writers to produce their their own screenplays.
Oman was encouraged by what came back after the call out.
He likes changing each film he does so as to have the opportunity to experiment and do different things.
For example the Redneck Betties movie wasn’t even a horror film, but then he had a movie about zombies. This one, he is getting outside ideas.
“Every movies there’s a lot of challenges for us,” explains Oman who says with this one he wanted to ensure each writer had their work encapsulated by him.
He of course had to work within the parameters of the budget, available performers and special effects.
“It was fun. I liked reading the different ideas and it gave me some for upcoming (productions). It inspired me quite a bit actually ... with their passion for their stories.”
Featured June 17 are the stories within SIN Volume 3: Nightmare written by Porscha Inverarity;  The River is by Haley Spence; I Was Crazy Once was penned by Darnelle Johnson; while Monstrous and Thrill Seekers were written by Oman.
He is excited about SIN Volume 3 because besides having different focal points for the horror, he promises each will have their own style and feel to them.
Creepy dolls and toys, monsters, scary clowns and dreams are just part of the mix for Oman’s SIN Volume 3. He has a clown-themed movie he’s currently working on closely with Johnson who has worked with Oman previously.
“Clowns are getting big again,” explains Oman, who wants to have that movie done and showing locally before Stephen King’s It — the ultimate scary clown movie — is released in the fall. Oman’s movie will have a Blair Witch feel to it as he says the challenge is the actors and actresses will do the shooting from a first person point of view. While one would think this may be a little disconcerting, Oman says what he loses in control of the shot he gains in authenticity. He will have the final say whether a shot works.
The release date for SIN Volume 3 is June 17 at Lucky Charlie’s Pub. Tickets cost $10 and half of the proceeds will be donated to Swift Current SPCA. This is an event for those 19 and older. Tickets are available from Lucky Charlie’s and from the Boardinghouse. As well, Oman has some Dead Prairies Productions clothing for sale. While a lot of it was pre-orders, he says there will be some souvenirs available at Lucky Charlie’s.
Oman is grateful for the support from those performers and those behind the scenes who have helped produce the previous Dear Prairies films. He was also happy with Lucky Charlie’s who have hosted events before. Oman calls it Halloween arriving early. It’s always a fun time at the Swift Current bar and grill and he expects this one to be an excellent evening as well.
Oman is able to cover the costs incurred by the movies and has donated a lot of the money made. In total since he started Dead Prairies Production he has donated more than $12,000 to Swift Current’s SPCA, a cause he is passionate about.
Readers can get a feel for Oman’s work by checking out some shorts and previews on You Tube, searching for Dead Prairies Productions.

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