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Familiar face coming back to western Canada to perform in some smaller intimate venues

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Teamed up with Cindy Doire as part of Scarlet Jane or flying solo, singer Andrea Ramolo is a gifted songwriter, musician and performer.

Her new album called NUDA (translated naked in her heritage Italian) which is officially released Jan. 27, is all about her with the masks and walls stripped off.
The Toronto-based folks artist is no stranger to western Canada.
She will be in Swift Current Feb. 3 and at Ye Olde Jar Bar in Medicine Hat (8 Natalie St. S.E.) Feb. 4.
She felt this latest group of songs was a needed cathartic act. She had a difficult time with a nasty break-up with a boyfriend and song-writing partner. She was in a bad place and felt low. Song writing was a way to release a lot of the negative energy and feelings she harboured. Artistically, it turned out well. Very rich with a folk-like sound, it's extremely rich for those who enjoy the blues.
“It’s a definite metamorphosis of artistry, delivering them; it’s a lot of darker lyrics. More of  a necessity (to get them out). I’ve survived love and loss before, but this time I was in a really dark place. (It was a) very substantial loss. I mean had to deal with the loss privately but also publicly.”
What makes it interesting is that on one hand Ramolo performed her songs with a full band, but then did another version, only acapella.
“The whole principal was to live my life, which is a huge challenge,” explains Ramolo of NUDA. “My healing. I wanted to make my story (for everybody), (but I) don’t want to be self involved because I hit a place of rock bottom.
“I don’t get too heady when I’m writing. It’s all about the craftsmanship. Going through a drastic life change, it’s what happened so I’m sharing the experience, but still it’s a minimalist approach (with doing an acapella version).”
She says the tone of the songs musically are also “darker” as she’s using the “rich and dark” baritone and bass guitars.
She describes the lead track and first single, You’re Everywhere as, “the epitome of NUDA. Written around her kitchen table by lamplight, the song is her attempt at moving past the agony of a lover left behind; moving past her own expectations.”
Ramolo loves connecting with people and that’s why she likes the smaller venues even though it’s obviously not as financially lucrative.
Ramolo is busy all the time. She has multi-faceted talents as she can act, model and does a lot of latin dancing.
“I’m just a busy-minded person — it keeps the well full,” she explains.
As part of her tour, must stops for her are in western Canada. Ramolo is a huge fan of going to places where she’s comfortable, who appreciate music and have treated her well.
In Swift Current, it’s a house concert at the home of Shann Gowan, long-time mutual favourites. Last year, when Scarlett Jane was in Swift Current, they played the Lyric Theatre. This time, Ramolo will play Gowan’s home which has played host to concerts and artistic retreats before.
Gowan says she hosts house concerts because it provides a different experience than a concert in a theatre or bar. It is more intimate and creates a  close connection between the audience and performer. 
“I love house concerts and I love Andrea as well,” explains Gowan who is a well-known concert promoter in Swift Current. “We had Andrea perform at our house the first time for her first album on her very first cross country tour.  She had sent me her CD which I listened to as I listen to all the music sent to me. Then I found I listened several times more all the way through. Andrea called during one of those listenings and I decided I had to have her come. She was and is amazing.
“I have had her perform in my living room, down by the creek on our farm, as well as larger scale concerts at the Lyric as part of my Blenders Series. She is a very gifted songwriter, has a beautiful voice, and is an engaging and captivating performer. On a personal level, she is one of the sweetest, most open people I have meet in the music business. She calls us part of her family and she feels like she is part of ours.”
The concert in Swift Current is open to anyone — they have to give the Gowans a call to reserve a spot at 306-778-2686 or they can go to Ramolo’s website at:
For the one at Ye Olde Jar Bar, it’s a double bill show as she is splitting the evening with Matt Epp. As well, visit the website and follow the links in order to get an RSVP invite.

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