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Latest Dead Prairies production gives locals chance to write horror scripts

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Most people in Swift Current were dreaming of a white Christmas or had visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads, but Devon Oman isn’t like most people.

He had visions of demonic clowns, psychotic gophers, gore and all the rest as he was still accepting scripts for his latest Dead Prairies project SIN Volume 3.
As part of the project, Oman, the operator, main writer, producer and director of the not-for-profit independent Swift Current movie company, is hoping to garner some new horror-themed scripts from which to shoot three new mini-movies and combine it into one.
“We received a great interest from a few people in Swift Current that want to write a short horror film,” explains Oman. “I will read each script and I really hope to film each short horror film for SIN Volume 3. Everything will come down to the budget for what we can or can’t film.”
They already filmed one entry in November, which was written by Darnelle Johnson.
Oman explains the hope is that this film can bring out new story lines from different people.
The official deadline is Jan. 1 to submit a short horror story for SIN Volume 3.
“I figured we should do a sequel to SIN Volume 3 because it would give other writers chances to show off their talent,” says Oman. “I think each writer will bring a different genre for horror films. For example, slashers, demons, gory, etc. I will be writing a separate project that will involve clowns.”
Dead Prairie Productions has done a lot of different films including one involving members of the local roller derby team the Redneck Betties.
In 2016, Zombageddon 2 was released with the main character Jade (Kaytie Chartrand) looking for her sister in the zombie apocalypse after her wedding.
He shot in Gull Lake as well as The Shack in Swift Current and a local paintball area.
Oman says support has been great for settings to shoot and getting people involved hasn’t been a problem either.
While for a lot of film production companies getting scripts done externally could problems when it came to getting people to act, Oman doesn’t think doing it this way will cause a workflow problem.
“I don’t think casting will be a big problem because we keep meeting people that are interested in acting. I hope we can introduce new actors for SIN Volume 3,” adds Oman who is always open to get people involved judging by the hundreds of people who have been extras in the past.
The not-for-profit company has donated proceeds from event nights in Swift Current and Gull Lake as well as video sales to local charities, especially the SPCA.
Oman is hoping for a successful year for his horror film company. The main thing is that everyone is having fun.
“I think people are having a blast making these films or watching our films. Zombageddon 2 had people in the audience laughing and applauding,” explains Oman. “I really hope we can continue to make this happen. I promise to make 2017 the biggest year for Dead Prairies Productions.”

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