Be Alive and Shine

Be Alive and Shine (92)

This is a true story. It is a Monday, I am sitting on my front step in the sun greeting the morning rays.
My laptop is on my lap. I am writing my article for the Prairie Post.

For the past week I have followed through with my tasks and to-do lists. I have facilitated my fitness classes and private sessions. I have followed up with my emails and connected with my clients. At the same time the deep engine that drives my life was not being nourished.

I have worn many hats in my lifetime thus far, from zumba instructor, to counselor and dramatherapist, to United Church of Canada minister, and health and wellness leader to name a few and there are some common themes I see in the people that I meet.

During recess at Oman Elementary School and also in Phys. Ed Class, I remember playing games, choosing teams, and picking sides. We are lining up. There are 2 classmates chosen as “captain”. They now have the power and responsibility to pick their teammates. My heart beats.

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