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Two things which are certain: small communities can accomplish big things, just ask those people in Jenner, Buffalo and the people who work with the Helicopter Air Lift Operation in southeastern Alberta. And the number 13 is not bad luck.

Swift Current swimmer Meghan Chisholm (at left) receives a donation of over $500 from Ella Toles, June 12. Chisholm is raising funds for juvenile diabetes with her solo across the English Channel in July over a distance of 34 kilometres.

The 13th annual Relay for Life in Swift Current raised over $60,000 for the fight against cancer.

Those going to the Helicopter Air Lift Operation (HALO) fundraiser June 13 in Jenner will have the opportunity to see someone on the meteoric rise.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014 15:27

Two big fundraisers for HALO set for June 13

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June 13 will be a busy day for David Friesen, executive director for the southeast Alberta/southwest Sask. Helicopter Air Lift Operation (HALO) MedEvac Rescue Helicopter.

The countdown has started for this year’s Relay for Life in Swift Current. The Relay is set to take place June 7 at Riverside Park.

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