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Answering the hard questions about long-term care funding

Written by  Sean Finell
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A Welcome Home for long-term care is our major campaign to furnish and equip the new long-term care homes in Swift Current.

By now, you have likely (hopefully) heard about it and have had a chance to go over some of the information about the project. I am certain you have heard a few questions raised about the project, and possibly had some come to mind yourself. Let’s try to answer a couple.
One of the most frequently-asked questions we hear is a combination of ‘Why wasn’t the furnishings and equipment budgeted for when they built it?’ and ‘Why isn’t the government covering this cost?’ These are both valid questions. I can not tell you when this started, but I can tell you it has been the way Saskatchewan builds hospitals and medical care facilities for quite awhile.
In 2007 when the new Cypress Regional Hospital was built in Swift Current the community had to raise the money for furniture and equipment. The exact formula used to determine how it will all work is not something I am familiar with, but if you are building in Uranium City, or Estevan, or right here in Swift Current, it is the way the regulations are established.
“Fine, so we have to pay for equipment and furnishings, but why do they need everything new? Why can’t they continue to use what they already have?”
Well, they are. At this point, it is the Foundation’s understanding all of the beds currently in use in Swift Current long-term care will be moved to the new homes.
There will, of course, be some other pieces brought over. In fact, Cypress Health Region has been looking through all of the current inventory of the Palliser, Swift Current Care Centre, and Prairie Pioneers lodge, to make sure they are continuing to use everything that it is sensible to keep.
The thing is, though, with the new homes being set up to provide more privacy and a more home-like experience, there is a lot of items they require. Each of these new homes needs a fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer, dining room furniture and living room furniture. These are items the health region simply does not have.
“I heard that there won’t be as much staff in this new place: why would you want to have fewer staff?”
The short answer is, there will not be fewer staff.
The Cypress Health Region is currently recruiting additional Continuing Care Assistants to staff these new homes. Plus there are more long-term care beds available than there currently is in Swift Current. The staffing plans at this point are designed to give the residents more caregivers per resident, not less.
With the design of 10 residents per home, there is the opportunity for more familiarity between staff and residents, and a better understanding of the needs, the abilities and the desires of the residents.
Bottom line, the ultimate goal is to bring long-term care in Swift Current into a new era. If you have ever had a loved one in long-term care, you have no doubt seen and felt it could be improved. The new buildings are designed to give residents a better, more homelike, dignified place to live, and to give their families the comfort of knowing their loved one is in a nice place receiving the care they need. This design also gives caregivers the opportunity to provide their residents with the best care. Join us to make this happen. We need your support. Phone 306-778-3314 or go online to and make your donation. Help us to create ‘A Welcome Home’ for long-term care.
(Sean Finell is the Special Events/Public Relations Co-ordinator for the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation.)

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