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Be the tulip — push through the dirt and reach towards the sun

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Spring awakening is a great cosmic adventure that supports us in our own emergence and expanding.

Nature is incredibly healing and teaches us great things. The tulip bulbs have not been lying dormant all winter ... hell no. They have been storing up, replenishing their energy and getting ready for their great emergence. Tulips are incredibly brave. These small dainty little flowers are the first to push through that dark cold earth and make their way to the sun.
We desire freedom. Freedom of time, money, space. We dream of having more time and space in our lives. We think about making more time for our husbands, wives, kids, families, and even making time for ourselves, yet we find ourselves in the same routine of our lives. We dream about these feelings, experiences and freedom; yet find ourselves on the same hamster wheel of life.
Wondering of the day.
• What would it take to move forward on your dreams, desires and expand your life?
• What action can you take to create an even greater contribution to your life and to those around you?
You don’t have to change. You can choose to not be the tulip bulb. If you are content, then continue on. But if your dreams for feeling even more free, even more alive, even more balanced, even more relaxed and less stress is still calling you (late at night in your dreams or during the day) then how can spring and the upcoming Spring Equinox support you in your own expansion?
We have no idea who or what we will be like when we expand or change, but we can imagine the feeling of freedom and ride the wave of self-discipline for it truly is up to us.
How to create your own spring emergence.
1. Be still. Breathe. Pull the energy of the universe into your heart centre. Focus and centre on your truth — your deep knowing within you — stay with your breath and listen to your heart. Ask your heart: “What does my heart and soul want me to know at this time?” Ask your heart: “How is spring calling me to take action in my life?” (Write down the answer you receive).
2. Believe in yourself and your dreams. You deserve joy, freedom and love. Everyone does. Your dreams matter. Your feelings matter. Your passions and your purpose matter. When the voices of self-doubt and unworthiness show up in your mind, replace those thoughts with statements of your deep truth. Deep truths such as, “I am loved. I am supported. The universe is abundant and there is enough for all. All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.”
3. Write it down. Shout it from the mountaintops. Keeping your dreams and desires a secret slows down their momentum and magnificence. Your passions and dreams matter. When you claim them and name them, they are awakened and empowered. Who can you share your dreams with? Think of one person who you trust and who supports you and share your dreams, desires and passions with them. You may be surprised and what other creative possibilities emerge.
For example: I have thought of myself as “the joy guru” for a long time before I actually shared that out loud with others. I thought that if I actually said I was “the joy guru” that people would judge me, or think I was being self-centred. Then I realized I was putting my happiness in the hands of others and my worth in the hands of others — which is definitely not my style and does not serve me. The moment I claimed my truth that “I am the joy guru”, I took one giant step closer into the expression of myself. It was no longer a secret. I value joy. I love how joy moves through people and helps us shine. I love helping people expand the joy in their own lives. Damn sistah’ I am the joy guru. Whoop whoop. Now what great magic can I create and share and generate with others as I step into an even greater expression of myself?
Write down your dreams. Shout them out. Share them. Moving your dreams from just a thought into a whisper, into a full acclamation, claims your truth and empowers you. Empowerment helps us step into intentional action in our lives. Action creates choice. Choice creates possibilities and that is where the infinite magic resides.
If you want to “be the tulip” and expand your life join me at our Spring Equinox Celebration events Saturday, March 19 and Sunday March 20, at KIVA. Full details online ( or at The KIVA Studio.
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