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How to be charming, magnetic and attract the love of your life

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February is here and we have been inundated with commercials about love, falling in love, out of love, how to get love, what to buy for the one you love, and let’s not forget about the blitz of online dating ads inviting you to find your one true love.

Now before you go out there and sign up for eharmony or buy 12 dozen roses for the one next door ... let me share with you my thoughts about love and the four keys to being charming, irresistible, super sexy, magnetic and to attract the love of your life. Are you ready? The Joy-Train Cometh!
1. Be present
Be here right now. Wherever you are and whoever you are with. This means not multi-tasking.
This means slowing down and being aware and awake to your life. This means not changing the subject when things get hard. I love it when people are “with me”. Making eye contact. Listening. Leaning in. Engaging. Ready here and now to be together, sharing time and stories together. Super sexy.
Think of those moments you have had with others when you felt seen and heard. Who are the people who have truly witnessed you? Who are the people who have truly seen you? When we are present and connected to ourselves, we can be present and connected with others.
Being present helps us to be ourselves. We feel alive when we are being true to ourselves. It is time to shine and be the present authentic expression of you. You are stronger than you know.
Spend some time getting to know you and being present to the awesome human being that you are. The more you are present with yourself, the more you can share that light with others. Be present to your life, without guilt, shame or judgment. Accept and welcome the beautiful person that you are. You are blessed with all you need.
2. Be fearless
When people take risks, speak their truth and honesty ... damn, I find that not only brave, but very beautiful. I love being real. Real is here and now. Fearless means showing up to live your amazing life every single day.
Fearless means no more excuses or blaming your life or experiences on your dog, the doctor, or the neighbour.
When we practise to make choices from a place of fearlessness we step into the possibility of freedom and infinite choice for our awesome life emerge. When we choose to be fearless we awaken our personal power. Our personal power expands our self-confidence and self-esteem.
Sure there are challenges that will show up in our life. There will be choices that we have to make. Life is always full of opportunities to expand or contract. I find living from a place of expansion very fearless, joy-filled, affirming and sexy.
Fearless living is taking responsibility for your one amazing life.  You are braver than you seem.
3. Be confident
When you know who you are and what you want — that is confidence. When you know what your unique skills are and want to share them with others — confidence shines through you. When you are true to your values, when you stand up for yourself and what you believe in, when you stand up for who you are — that is confidence.
It is a beautiful, brilliant inspiring thing to see someone centered in themselves beyond self-image. It is confidence! You are powerful beyond measure.
4. Be emotionally radiant
Why would I choose to hang out with complainers, grumblers and naysayers? I want to surround myself with people who will help me expand to an even greater expression of myself.
As a result, I am drawn to people who radiate emotions of joy, compassion and loving kindness.
What type of emotions do you radiate? You choose your thoughts and your feelings. So imagine what incredibly radiant emotions you can express today? I wonder what great possibilities will show up for you in your day as you express even more loving kindness and joy to everyone you meet?
Emotionally radiant people are attractive because their energy and emotions are contagious. By simply choosing to radiate loving kindness, joy and compassion you are helping others to do the same. That is sexy!
Postnote: It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks at all. When you can love and approve of yourself — just as you are — that is the first step. Then the presence, the power, the confidence, the radiance and the emotions of joy, loving kindness and compassion will flow through you and to you like a river of love. Just you wait and see. Go out there and shine through your amazing life. There is only one you and the world is waiting to fall in love with you.
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