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Four tips to not get discombobulated or lose your noodle

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There are many reasons people can feel stuck and overwhelmed.

Our lives can be busy and overloaded. We can be exhausted physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We are thirsty for a break and some ease in our day. We desire breathing space to come up above water and get connected again; connected to our hearts, our souls and to the “me” that resides deep inside us — that we are often too busy to make time for or connect with.
If that sounds familiar, and you are looking for some ease and some support in not getting  discombobulated or losing your noodle, I will share with you four tips that help me stay centered and not go ‘baagonkers’. Take a peak and try them on for size. Then drop me a line and let me know your thoughts and your experience when you gave them a try. I wonder what magic can show up when we step into the possibilities of our lives.
Four tips to not get  discombobulated or lose your noodle:
1. Breathe. When we are stressed and overwhelmed we shorten our breath. Our brain needs oxygen to function, to think, and to “fire on all cylinders”. So feed your brain. Use your breath as medicine.
Stop thinking and simply breathe. It goes like this: Stop doing what you’re doing. Close Your Eyes. Be still. Take a deep breath. Deeper still. Exhale. Inhale. Nice and slow. Notice your body. Feel your breath moving in and out of your lungs. Invite your shoulders to relax. Allow your breath to slow down. Experience a simple three- to five-minute meditation and connection to your breath. Get connected and centred to the amazing you with your breath.
It is hard to lose your noodle when you are centred in your breath.
2. Change Your Scenery. When you find yourself “stuck in your head” and overwhelmed with thoughts, tasks or worr y... or you have lost your focus ... it is time for a “Change It Up” moment. Take a walk around the block. Grab a glass of water. Stretch. Move your body. Take a five-minute break and get out of the room/office/house that you are in. Changing your scenery will not only give you something new to look at, but your brain will be engaged in new ways. You will come back to your office, or the dinner table less stressed, more space in your brain and body, and perhaps with a new point of view.
3. What is right about this that I am not getting? When our buttons are being pushed and we find ourselves resisting, reacting or more ... it is time to pull out some powerful wonderings. Ask yourself: “What is right about this that I am not getting?”
(You may find yourself resisting this question at this very moment, but give it a try).
For example, you are feeling dissatisfied in your relationship with your partner/husband/wife. You find yourself arguing again and being “short” with each other. Ask yourself: “What is right about this that I am not getting.” See what great magical insights emerge for you. For example, you may realize that this discontentment is helping you connect with and see what really matters for you in relationships, of how you want to feel, of what you truly desire.
“What is right about this that I am not getting” can help us reframe the problem into an opportunity to connect to our deep wisdom and knowing within. Then we have a choice in how we move forward in the direction of our dreams.
4. Practise ‘gratitude’. The moment we judge someone — including ourselves — we lose the ability to influence them. So rather than judging yourself, your life, your relationships and more.... Practise gratitude.
Embrace the delicious reframe of your life by naming and honouring everything you are grateful for — every day. This is a beautiful practice to engage in every night before you go to sleep and can easily be taught and shared with your family.
The more we practise gratitude, the more we realize we are not alone, but rather infinitely supported. The less power our fears will have over us when we realize how abundant and grateful we are.
Gratitude helps us to see how much support, resources and opportunities we have in our lives; which will get us through anything.
Practise these “joy tools” before you get discombobulated. Try these different tools and see how they feel and fit for you. Remember that nothing will change unless you change something. I wonder what magic will show up for you today as you deepen your practices for self-care. Bye-bye discombobulated ... hello ease, joy and glory.
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